132 quotes for Valentine 2019: precious messages of love

132 quotes for Valentine 2019: precious messages of love

Surprise your partner on Valentine’s Day with these beautiful and original quotes.

quotes for Valentine 2019

It arrives on February 14 and love floods the streets. Valentine’s Day is filled with happy couples who celebrate in style how much they love each other. Some choose to organize a romantic weekend, others prefer to give themselves gifts full of affection and many choose to dedicate themselves to nice words.

Although this day feelings overflow, we know it’s not always easy to find the inspiration to send that makes you smile. If this year you want to get out of the typical, but do not know where to start, quiet, in the Women’s Diary we have made a selection of the best 102 quotes for Valentine 2019. Quotes full of magic capable of making anyone fall in love. Take note and leave him speechless!

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We have also reserved a small space of phrases for you. Because those who do not have a partner also have the right to live an unforgettable Valentine!

Valentine’s day 2019: the best quotes to surprise

Sign up very well these appointments because if you send them to your partner, you will be able to leave him with his mouth open!

1. Yesterday you were part of my best dreams. Today you are part of my best reality. I adore you!

A very special appointment to make clear to your partner all the love you feel for her.

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2. You are worth the pain, the joy, the distance, the moments, the tears, the days and the nights. You are worth everything to me.

Because when you fall in love with someone, that person becomes an essential part of your life. Tell him what it means to you with these precious words of love!

3. If you did not exist, I would invent you. Happy Valentine’s Day, my love.

Happy Valentines Day 2019

4. Love, friendship, affection, complicity, loyalty, respect, happiness … All these feelings and values ​​I found in the same person: YOU!

February 14 is a perfect day for you to remind your partner of all those things that made you fall in love with her instantly. What are you waiting for? 

5. Only those who have lived it know that love at first sight exists.

Did you feel a crush when seeing him for the first time? Then, this quote will define your relationship perfectly and you can use it to remember in Valentine’s Day the good times that you have lived together until now.

6. You are the most beautiful page that destiny has decided to write in my life. I love you!

Because although, sometimes, the love takes a little in arriving, sooner or later the destiny ends up putting it in our way. That is when you have to give yourself body and soul and learn to value it. 

7. One of the best things that exists in the world is to find someone who with just a little bit of time can improve your whole day.

Do you feel identified with this beautiful quote? 

8. One day they told me that a smile is the best way to show someone how much we love them. That’s why, every time you ask me how much I love you, I’ll just smile.

Because a smile can express many more feelings than hundreds of words. 

9. If I had to choose between loving you and breathing, I would use my last breath to tell you how much I love you.

If you want to surprise your girl on Valentine’s Day, you just have to use a quote as beautiful as this one. Is there anything more magical than your love?

10. You will wonder why I love you so much and the answer is very simple. Because without trying to change anything in me, you just arrived and changed everything.

It usually happens: someone very special comes to our life and immediately turns it upside down.

11. That love, happiness, complicity, and fidelity are the main ingredients of this trip that has only just begun. Happy Valentine, my life! 

If you have just started dating someone and love flows through your veins, take advantage of February 14 to dedicate some beautiful words.

12. This is my life, but my heart is yours. This is my smile, but the reason is you. Happy February 14!

Because it is impossible to choose who owns our heart. And yours? Who does it belong to? 

Precious quotes from famous authors ideal for February 14

13. Love is a word that means a lot, but that does not manage to express even half of what I feel for you. I love you!

Because when it comes to true love, words are very short …

14. I love you Of all the ways and forms. With all the words and letters. In all languages ​​and accents. With all the circumstances and reasons. Do You understand me? I LOVE YOU!

When you want someone, there is no ‘but’ worth.

15. For me, it’s Valentine every day. In the calendar, I have dialed every day to love you, night and day.

Because when you love, any day can be February 14. It is not necessary that you wait for Valentine’s Day to show all your love.

16. Until infinity is small when it comes to comparing it with what I feel for you. Thank you for existing! 

A very nice way to express your love towards your partner. There are no limits! 

17. Do I tell you a secret? I love my life. Because my life is you.

If you are looking for a quote with which to return in San Valentin, without any doubt, this is made for you. 

18. During the day I have time for everything, except to stop thinking about you.

Surprise your partner by sending this message on WhatsApp on Valentine’s Day. It will smile when you see it, have it for sure!

19. Love is a verb that works much better in the plural. 

How beautiful it is to love and be reciprocated, right?

20. To love is to feel your happiness and the happiness of the other person.

There is something undeniable in life: if the person you love is happy, you will inevitably be happy too.

Precious Valentine’s Day quotes from famous authors ideal for February 14

Nothing better than to be inspired by the wonderful words that some famous poets, writers and authors have written throughout the histories to conquer (even more) the heart of the person you love on Valentine’s Day . 

21. Love is not seen with the eyes, but with the heart. (William Shakespeare) 

When you are in love, what you feel goes far beyond what you can feel or see.

22. The kiss is the shortest distance between two lovers. (Amy Banglin) 

It’s February 14, Valentine’s Day, a day to go running to tell your partner how much you love him and finish your statement with this beautiful quote and a nice kiss of love.

23. The best proof of love is trust. (Joyce Brothers)

Because when there is true trust between two people, everything else is built on its own.

24. For my heart, your breast is enough; For your freedom, my wings are enough. (Pablo Neruda)

True love does not bind. True love is to let the other person fly knowing that you will always end up rediscovering the same path.

25. Love is a crime that can not be carried out without an accomplice. (Charles Baudelaire) 

You are two people, but together you form a single indestructible force.

26. Ours is that indefinite bond that now unites us. (Mario Benedetti)

How nice it is when you have such a great union with a person that only you two are able to understand it, right? 

27. The most powerful spell to be loved is to love. (Baltasar Gracian) 

Because before receiving, you have to learn to give. This happens in any area of ​​life, but even more so in love. 

28. There are loves so beautiful that they justify all the follies they make commit. (Plutarch)

And you? What madness have you been able to commit for love?

29. Love conquers all things. Let’s give way to love. (Virgil) 

In this Valentine 2019 you have to surprise your novi @ with a dedication never seen before. What if you opt for this precious quote from Virgilio? 

30. In a kiss you will know everything that I have kept quiet. (Pablo Neruda)

Pablo Neruda left us great quotes about love, but, without a doubt, this is our favorite for February 14. Ideal to accompany her with a passionate kiss! 

31. Love is intensity and because of this it is a relaxation of time: it stretches the minutes and lengthens them like centuries. (Octavio Paz) 

Because when you are with the person you love nothing matters, time stops, you are just him and you.

32. The root of all passions is love. From it comes sadness, joy, joy, and despair. (Lope de Vega) 

And is that love is able to make us feel so many things …

33. Tofear love is to fear life, and those who fear life are already half dead. (Bertrand Russell)

Loving is one of the most beautiful feelings you can experience in life. Dare to love! LOVE! 

34. We must know that there is no country on earth where love has not turned lovers into poets. (Voltaire)

Poems, beautiful messages, quotes to fall in love … Any word of love can surprise your partner this Valentine! And since sometimes it is not so easy to find inspiration, we help you! How about this quote from Voltaire?

35. Not being loved is a simple misfortune; The real misfortune is not to love. (Albert Camus)

Because who does not love, will die without knowing the purest feeling that exists on Planet Earth.

36. Love is a wonderful flower, but it is necessary to have the courage to go and look for it at the edge of a horrible precipice. (Stendhal) 

Love must be watered daily, not just on February 14th. This quote is ideal to send to your partner at any time of the year.

37. To love is not to look at one another; is to look together in the same direction. (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)

The same objectives, the same projects, the same intentions … Your half orange will be the one that gives you the hand and is willing to focus with you in the same way. 

38. Love a single day and the world will have changed. (Robert Browning)

A perfect short and emotional quote to represent what love means. Use it on Valentine’s Day!

39. A legal kiss is never worth as much as a stolen kiss. (Guy de Maupassant)

Do you dare to steal a kiss from that girl that you like? Valentine’s Day can be a good time to do it … 

40. Love is made up of a single soul that dwells in two bodies. (Aristotle) 

Because you and he form a precious ‘WE’ when you are together.

41. You know you’re in love when you do not want to go to bed because the reality is finally better than your dreams. (Dr. Seuss) 

Have you ever experienced that feeling of full happiness that makes you unable to reconcile or sleep?

42. The love letters are started without knowing what is going to be said and they end without knowing what has been said. (Jean-Jacques Rousseau) 

Sometimes, it costs a bit to find the inspiration to write a few words or a love letter, especially if it’s about those special messages that are sent on Valentine’s Day. An advice? Let yourself be carried away by what your heart dictates. 

43. In matters of love, the insane are those who have more experience. Of love never ask the sane; the sane love wisely, which is like never having loved. (Jacinto Benavente) 

Love always carries with it a hint of madness.  

44. Come to sleep with me. We will not make love, love will make us. (Julio Cortazar) 

A somewhat provocative date that will absolutely go crazy to your girl on this Valentine 2019.

45. Do not die for the other, but live to enjoy together. (Jorge Bucay)

Because love is not a prison. Love consists in learning from each other, without losing the essence separately.

46. I love you above all that we can not see, above what we can not know. (Federico Moccia) 

From 1 to 10 … How much do you want your partner? Can not you quantify it? It is totally normal!

47. No one can avoid falling in love. Perhaps one wants to deny it, but it is possible that friendship is the most frequent form of love. (Stieg Larsson) 

Nobody can command what the heart says. Let yourself go and enjoy! 

48. Love can wait even when reason despairs. (George W. Lyttelton)

Be patient, everything ends up coming, even that love you’ve been waiting for so long … This beautiful Valentine’s Day quotes proves it! 

49. True love is not self-love, it is the one that gets the lover to open up to other people and life; it does not harass, it does not isolate, it does not reject, it does not persecute: it only accepts. (Antonio Gala)

February 14 is the perfect day to say thank you. And you will ask: Thanks to whom? Thanks to? THANKS to the love to make us feel alive! 

50. The only thing that hurts me to die is that it does not love. (Gabriel Garcia Marquez)

Already said Gabriel Garcia Marquez in his day and now you can take advantage Valentine to reinforce the idea. For love, it is worth giving everything!

51. You do not love someone because he is perfect, he loves himself despite the fact that he is not. (Jodi Picoult)

Show your partner that you love her even with her worst faults. 

52. As if I could choose in love as if it were not lightning that breaks your bones and leaves you stuck in the middle of the yard. (Julio Cortazar)

Love, sometimes, also makes us suffer. But … what would become of us without that suffering that later makes us discover the true meaning of happiness! 

53. If nothing saves us from death unless love saves us from life. (Pablo Neruda)

Love is able to heal even the ugliest wounds.

54. I want to do with you, what spring does with cherry trees. (Pablo Neruda) 

A very beautiful quote ideal for lovers of Pablo Neruda. Send it to WhatsApp to the person you like during Valentine’s Day and succeed! 

Original love quotes for Valentine’s Day 

Flee from the conventional! Be different and send one of these fun and funny quotes to your girl on Valentine’s Day. He will love it!

55. I love you! But it’s not so bad … It’s forever!

Do you want to run away from the usual Valentine’s messages? This very original quote, without a doubt, is made for you! 

56. You did magic in my mind and in my heart … without any trick. 

Did you see him and fell in love instantly? Your eyes will light up when you see it! 

57. At school, they taught me the grammar, but outside of it, I learned the true meaning of the verb love. 

Because they do not teach us to love in school, it is something that we are learning alone little by little throughout our lives.

58. My favorite coffee will always be the one in your eyes.

Have you ever seen a nicer compliment than this? Surprise him!

59. I love you as the ducks want: patodalavida. 

A very funny quote to brighten the February 14 who you love most. 

60. A crazy woman like me needs a screw like you. 

It is always good to have a person who makes us put our feet on the ground, right?

61. Love is not having to stick your belly. 

Because when you are with a person who really loves you, it is not necessary to hide. You can show yourself as you are.

62. I want a kiss from your mouth. From your shirt a button. From your name the surname and from your chest the heart.

Impress the boy you like with this fun quote for Valentine.

63. Look for an orange half that loves you, not half an onion that makes you cry, or half a lemon that makes your life bitter.

Because life already has too many obstacles to be with someone who does not make us really happy, do not you think? 

64. If you’re going to be in my head going around all day, at least get dressed.

A very suggestive message for the most daring couples .

65. You’re like my mom’s flip-flop. I see you coming and my heart races.

Who has not ever felt those butterflies in the stomach to see the chic @ of their dreams? 

66. Forgive my unpunctuality, I would have loved to have reached your life earlier. 

Because when we finally find our partner, the only thing we want is to enjoy the maximum possible time with her. 

67. I would love you in any way, in any world, with any past. 

The love conquers all. Love is the only feeling capable of overcoming any barrier and / or limit.

68. For me, love must be like coffee: sometimes strong, sometimes sweet, sometimes alone and sometimes accompanied … But it should never be cold. 

There are millions of ways to love, but they all have something in common: dedication and dedication to the other person.

69. My favorite color is the see (t) e.

Can you think of a more original way to congratulate your partner this Valentine’s Day?

70. You are not google, but you have EVERYTHING that I look for.

Your girl will be speechless when you send this funny quote. And the original can not win anyone!

English Valentine’s Day quotes and its meaning

Do you dare to congratulate Valentine’s Day in another language? What if you do it in English? The language of Shakespeare is the most seductive of all. Take note!

71. Good morning to love, you’re the best thing in this life.

Put yourself in situation: your partner dawning on February 14 with this beautiful message of love on your mobile phone. He will fall in love with you (even more than he already is)! 

72. I look at you and see the rest of my life in front of my eyes.

Do you know that he / she is the love of your life? Tell her!

73. I love you. Remember I’ll always love you.

A beautiful way to remind your partner that you want to spend the rest of your life by their side.

74. I am catastrophically in love with you.

A declaration of simple, but intense love. Copy the idea!

75. Together, with you, is my favorite place to be.

Because there is nothing comparable to being with the person you love, right?

76. Where there is love, there is life. 

Love is one of the biggest motivations that move the human being.

77. And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.

And a day like February 14 must be given. Gives love.

78. I knew the second I met you that was something about you I needed.

Because when true love is planted before your eyes, you recognize it instantly.

79. One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life: that word is love.

Because few words manage to transmit as much as the word love does.

80. I have decided to stick to love; hate is too great a burden to bear.

Because hatred is too ugly a feeling that is not worth spending a single second.

The TOP messages to send to friends  via WhatsApp on February 14

Because February 14 is the day of love, yes, but not only of love between couples. It is also a great day to show love and affection towards our friends. Do not lose this chance! Whoever loves you most will be grateful that you remember him/her!

81. Love is temporary, but friendship is forever.

Because a friend is a treasure and will always be present for anything you need.

82. Great friends are hard to find, hard to leave and impossible to forget.

There is nothing more precious than friendship, that’s why we have to take care of it and dedicate all our attention.

83. A brother may not be a friend, but a friend will always be a brother.

Even if they do not carry our blood, true friends are part of our family.

84. Friends are like blood: when you’re hurt, they go without being called.

They are for the good, they are for the bad … A friend never fails!

85. If you plant a seed of friendship, you will pick up a bouquet of happiness.

Friends are able to get the most out of our smiles.

86. The true friend is the one who believes in you, even if you have stopped believing in yourself.

A friend never judges you, always supports you. The true friend is the one who values ​​you above all.

87. Cultivating a true friend requires dedication and time.

How long have you not told that friend how much you love him? Take advantage of Valentine’s Day and let them know!

88. Friendship is the most important ingredient in the recipe of life.

What would become of us without friends? Life would lose its meaning …

89. A life without friends is like living on a desert island: without water, without food, without light …

Nobody can ever deny it, our existence makes sense thanks to our friends.

90. Friendship doubles our joys and divides our sadness.

With the company of a close friend, there is nothing that can defeat us! They are our greatest force motor!

91. A true friend is the one who enters when the rest leaves.

There are people who only know how to be in good times, but friends stay in the worst nightmares.

92. Being friends is like being soldiers in an army. They live together, they fight together and they die together.

How many adventures have you lived with your friends? What if you remember all those experiences on February 14?

93. Love is like a flower, friendship is like the tree that shelters it.

Blessed friendship that revives us when love fails!

94. One of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is to understand and be understood.

Is there someone who understands you better than your friend ?

95. Friends are like lights on a stormy night.

We could say that a friend is like a torch in charge of guiding you in the dark. Long live friends!

Funny quotes for single women on Valentine’s Day

And what happens if Valentine arrives and you do not have a partner? NOTHING! February 14 is also ideal to celebrate the love towards yourself. And yes, we also have quotes for single girls.

96. If we could send a man to the moon, why not send them all?

Because it is not necessary to have a man next to be happy!

97. I’m not single, I’m in a distance relationship because my boyfriend lives in the future.

A way to be with humor being single on Valentine’s Day.

98. The lovers have February 14 to celebrate. The singles have the remaining 364 days. Long live singleness!

Valentine’s Day can be looked at from another perspective, this hilarious quote proves it.

99. Maybe I’m single because loneliness fell in love with me and does not want to see me with anyone but her.

And you? Are you faithful to your singleness? : P

100. When we are single we only see happy couples, but when we are in a relationship we only see happy singles.

It usually happens, so what?

101. Single? YES! Alone? NEVER!

Because being single does not mean being alone. There are millions more people to share happiness.

102. The singleness is enjoyed, the courtship is respected and the free bar is used.

The three commandments of civil status. 

And you? Do you already know what quotes or message you are going to choose for this Valentine’s 2019? Remember that if you have not convinced any of the above quotes, we have a whole category of ‘love quotes’ that can help you tell you. For options that do not miss! Happy Valentine’s Day.

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