25 The true meaning of Love Quotes and Sayings

25 The true meaning of Love Quotes and Sayings

The true meaning of love quotes and sayings. When the experts and wise men say that love is everything, they do not lack reason. 

true meaning of love quotes and sayings

Therefore, we believe that it is best to open your heart in the most natural way and tell your partner how important it is for you. 

If you want to show your passion and sincere love to your boy you can always dedicate quotes of love with a lot of meaning that will make him only melt for your bones. You do not have to be a poet to transmit all your feelings, just look at your heart and let it speak for itself.

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However, too often find the right words to convey everything that our soul feels is very complicated. In fact, it probably loves itself that blinds us and makes inspiration turn its back on us. In Diario Femenino we know what it is to face this difficulty, for that reason, we help you with some romantic quotes that could be of inspiration.

The Beautiful true meaning of love quotes and sayings

The following true meaning of quotes and sayings, which are of different lengths and speak from different contexts and ways of understanding love, can be your muse to find your own words. However, you can also borrow them to write to your partner and surprise him when he least expects it. You will love it! The spark of love will reignite in your relationship after you reflect a bit on what true love is. 

1. I love you because I love you because I want to love you because I’ve always loved you and I’ll never know why

He thanks your partner for his support, his company, his patience … You love him for everything, because yes, because it is him and he is unique , to the quereres there is no need to give them justifications. And you want him above all and because everything. Surely it has ever happened to you that you felt that the words fell short to convey all your love.

2. You have to know that I love you too much, but I do not know how to love you less

Sometimes it has such beautiful details with you that you would squeeze it in a thousand hugs … He may tell you that it is not so much, but you know that it is. Tell him you love him very, very, very much. And that, no matter how hard you tried, you could never want less than what you want today.

3. Love is a thing that can not be hidden if your mouth does not tell it, it betrays you to sigh

If you sigh when you think of him if you smile alone when you remember the good times you spend together, if you want to see him at all times, you drool when you talk about him … Oh, love, no it can be disguised!

4. I do not care about the road if you are my destiny

What more does it have to venture into forests, cross rivers or climb mountains if, after the hard journey, who is waiting for you on the other side of the road is the person you love. If he or she is your destiny, your feet will know where they have to go and the path will be traced by himself. And this thought is the energy that will make your steps never fail.

5. I have not chosen your love, he has chosen me

Do you think you can control who you like? Everyone would like to be able to choose who they fall in love with, in this way, stay with someone with whom the love relationship is placid and simple. But no, love is much more complicated and uncertain. And, as this anonymous quote says, you can not choose love, but it is he who chooses you. Therefore, let yourself fall on its wings and enjoy its sweet rocking.

The true meaning of love quotes

6. Before looking for your prince charming, you must find yourself

You can never really love someone if you do not love yourself before. The highest point of love will come when you are finally able to realize how amazing you are. Before looking for your soulmate, you must learn to enjoy your own company, to pamper yourself as you deserve, to look for yourself above anything else, to be the center of your priorities, to spend your money on yourself, to select what is best for you instead of what is supposed, to like you when you look in the mirror … Because if you do not love yourself, nobody else will.

7. The love of my family is my best gift

When we talk about mor we can not stay with only the feeling that unites two who want to spend the rest of their lives together and form a couple. In fact, one of the first loves that we live in our life and that determine our way of understanding love is family love. Because of that, and because your family is the best gift you could have, your loved ones also deserve some words of love.

8. We may do not have everything, but we have what we need

When love is not true, everything else remains. Neither jewels nor expensive cars can ever replace the most tender emotions, the creeps, the indiscreet caresses, the most special looks, the support hugs … Therefore, when the needs increase, it is necessary to consider whether, in spite of not having everything, you have everything you need: the love of the person you love with all your heart.

true meaning of love quotes

9. I do not seek to understand love, just enjoy it

No matter how much we talk about him, no matter how much the experts philosophize and how many turns we give him, sometimes love is completely incomprehensible. We like to talk about him because he continues to be a mystery to us, for many loving relationships that we have gone through. Therefore, and given that it will continue to be an unsolved enigma, let’s make sure to at least enjoy it as never before.

10. Distance avoids kissing, but not feelings

The distance can endanger the couple. However, you can not blame the miles of a relationship that has already ended a long time ago. Although physical separation makes it impossible to kiss or hold hands , there is nothing to prevent feelings and love from circulating.

Meaning of love quotes and sayings

Distance is a test of love to which certain couples have to submit: sometimes it gets better, while at other times it helps to realize that this relationship was not as solid as previously thought.

11. You can have many loves in your life, but the most important is self-love

Your first love, the love towards your family, the wrong love, the urgent love, the passionate love … Throughout your life you can have many types of loves but, the most important of them all is self-love. You already know that the love of your life is yourself. For that reason, it is not bad to throw flowers from time to time.

12. Do not look for someone to kiss you in the rain, but for someone to hold your hand during storms

Kissing in the rain is easy, it even has something exciting. The problem comes when, during storms, he is no longer able to hold your hand to inspire courage and courage. Try to apply this metaphor to your relationship and you may realize that there are many things that you have to think about.

13. Perfect couples have problems, but they know how to solve them together

Couples who do not argue are not real. To debate and to confront the points of view, although they are different, it is necessary whenever you know how to do it. It is normal for couples to go through different types of problems throughout their lives. In fact, they would not be real loves if they never had to face difficulties. But, what differentiates a consolidated partner from another who has his days counted is his ability to hold on to the strongest hand to prevent the gale from taking her ahead.

14. It does not matter how many members a family has, but how much they want

The love between a family by two or three people can be equal or more real than that of a family that has 20 members. In this materialistic world in which we find ourselves, we tend to measure everything with numbers and we forget the most important thing: emotions.

15. The perfect place exists and is by your side

Almost always, the most important thing is not where, but with whom. Any place is good if you are with the best companion. Have you noticed that the views are more beautiful, the warmth more comforting and the aroma more evocative? There is nothing comparable to being in the right place with the person you want to be with.

Deep meaning of love quotes

16. There is no prettier love story than a self-love story

Loving yourself  is the most beautiful and valuable lesson you will learn throughout your life. And, as the writer Oscar Wilde said, “Loving yourself is the beginning of an adventure that lasts a lifetime.” To achieve your ‘red color’ you must know that you are above all and everything.

17. Because you’re like the chorus of my favorite song

Like the refrain of your favorite song, that special person does not leave your mind either, right? No matter how hard you try to forget about it or rest from your thoughts for a while, it always comes back. Everything reminds you of her, but it has been a while since you realized that you do not need any excuse to remember her smile or the smell that accompanies her. Just like the refrain of your favorite song, it is there even if you are not aware of it.

18. You are my motive

You are my reason to wake up with a smile, you are my reason for wanting to return home, you are my reason for keeping my head occupied, you are my reason to dream every night … Simply, you are my motive.

19. There is no love more faithful and committed than self-love

If self-love is true, why do not you make sure that it is also lasting? The couple can come and go and the only thing you can be sure of is that you are going to be the person you spend the rest of your life with. Therefore, you must make sure that you love yourself loyally, but also forever. Self-love allows you to make sure that your life is going to be full no matter who is at your side.

Real meaning of love quotes

20. I know you’re not perfect, but that’s precisely what I like about you

Perfection can be very boring. If there are no mistakes, we do not learn; if there are no shortcomings, there is no option to discover new things; if there are no defects, the virtues will take a back seat. Do you also think that we were born to be happy, not to be perfect?

21. ‘You and I’ has become my favorite quote

First it was you. Now, we have managed to be ‘you and me’. And maybe one day we will become us . Moving from being to being is a matter of time, but above all it is a matter of love. And, although the ‘we’ can be used fraudulently, it is easy to realize when the plural stops being a word to become a feeling.

22. In love, the eyes speak more than the lips

Those who love themselves learn to speak with their eyes. Before a true love, the eyes speak more than the lips, since these are too busy giving kisses. True love knows smiles, looks and gestures . When was the last time you read a look?

23. Love is not measured in years together but in given kisses

A one-month relationship can be more real than one that has lasted a year. And when we talk about love, the days stop having the meaning that we usually give it. It is the kisses, the caresses and the looks that determine how much really is the feeling that unites the two who love each other. And that is, love is not measured in years together, but in given kisses.

24. You’re not worth it, you’re worth it

It does not make sense to talk about loves that are worthwhile or relationships that come out profitable. You have to look for feelings that are worth everything, that can lead the lovers to get everything.

If you have liked these 25 true meaning of love quotes and sayings, in quotes wisher we have many more for you.

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