30 Best “The Little Prince” Quotes

30 Best “The Little Prince” Quotes

These are some of the best “The Little Prince” quotes, the most famous work of the famous writer and aviator Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

The Little Prince Quotes

Considered a novel for children, the most read and translated French book in the world actually deals with profound themes such as the meaning of life, loneliness, friendship, love, and loss.

The Little Prince originally published in 1943, and translated into more than 250 languages. Its author, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, starts with what seems to be a dedication, asking for forgiveness to all the children for consecrating this story to “a big person”. And he concludes: “All the great people have been children before. (But few remember it)”. Apart from the debate about which public was the one Saint-Exupéry wished to question, the fact is that The Little Prince offers a vast plurality of levels of analysis, among which is philosophical.

Best Little Prince Quotes

In this section, you’ll read a collection of best “The little Prince” quotes that made you watch a movie.

1. “All grown-ups were once children… but only few of them remember it.”

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2. “I am who I am and I have the need to be.”

best little prince quotes

3. “When one is very sad, the sunsets are nice”.

4. “The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched, they are felt with the heart.”

5. “All men have stars, but they are not the same things for different people. For some, who are travelers, the stars are guides. For others they are no more than little lights in the sky. For others, who are scholars, they are problems… But all these stars are silent. You-You alone will have stars as no one else has them.”

6. “No one is ever satisfied where he is.”

7. “One day, I watched the sun setting forty-four times……You know…when one is so terribly sad, one loves sunsets.”

8. “People where you live, the little prince said, grow five thousand roses in one garden… Yet they don’t find what they’re looking for… And yet what they’re looking for could be found in a single rose.”

9. “It is such a mysterious place, the land of tears.”

10. “You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed.”

11. “But the conceited man did not hear him. Conceited people never hear anything but praise.”

12. “Well, I must endure the presence of a few caterpillars if I wish to become acquainted with the butterflies.”

13. “What matters most are the simple pleasures so abundant that we can all enjoy them…Happiness doesn’t lie in the objects we gather around us. To find it, all we need to do is open our eyes.”

14. “Where are the people?” resumed the little prince at last. “It’s a little lonely in the desert…” “It is lonely when you’re among people, too,” said the snake.”

15. “I apologize to the children for having dedicated this book to an older person, I have an important reason for it: this older person is the best friend I have in the world, I have another reason, besides: this older person can understand everything, even I still have a third reason: this elderly person lives in France, where he suffers from hunger and cold, he has a great need to be comforted, and if all these reasons are not enough, I want to dedicate this book to the child who It was that older person, all the older people were first children (but few remember).

The Little Prince Movie Quotes

16. “A rock pile ceases to be a rock pile the moment a single man contemplates it, bearing within him the image of a cathedral.”

17. “But the eyes are blind. One must look with the heart.”

18. “Men no longer have time to know anything, buy things already made to the merchants, but since there is no merchant of friends, men no longer have friends.”

19. “Words are a source of misunderstanding.”

20. “What I see here is nothing but a bark, what is truly important is invisible.”

21. “Walking in a straight line, one can not get very far”.

22. “We, who understand life, make fun of numbers.”

23. “Older people like figures, when they are told about a new friend, they never ask about the essentials.”

24 . “Everyone should be asked what they can do”.

25. “And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”

26. “If you domesticate me, then we will need each other, for you will be unique in the world, for you, I will be unique in the world.”

27. “The beauty of the desert is that it hides a well”.

28. “He was no more than a fox like a hundred thousand others, but I made him my friend and now he is unique in the world.”

29. “It was the time you spent with your rose that made it so important.”

30. “It is much more difficult to judge oneself than to judge others. If you succeed in judging yourself rightly, then you are indeed a man of true wisdom.”

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