37 Short love quotes for her from the heart in English

37 Short love quotes for her from the heart in English

Short love quotes for her from the heart. The good, if brief, twice good. Love does not need great speeches and bombastic words. Sometimes, it is expressed more with a word, with a look or with a caress than with the longest and most romantic love poem in history. 

Short love quotes for her from the heart in English

For that reason and to demonstrate that the simple thing falls more in love, we have collected some of the best short love quotes for her and in this article, you’ll also read 1) short I love you quotes for her 2) love quotes images for her 3) funny love quotes for her and more. Enjoy

Short love quotes for her from the heart

Dedicate them to the people you like the most and you will get a nice surprise of the most romantic. Enamorale and let yourself fall in love!

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1. “The man who has not loved passionately ignores the most beautiful half of life”

If you’ve ever been in love, surely you understand this beautiful quotes of the French writer Stendhal. Because love makes you the best and the worst person. Make the best of you, because you are able to give everything to your lover, but sometimes it makes you lose your sanity.

2. “If we could understand a single flower, we would know who we are and what the world is”

The Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges is the creator of these beautiful words. Something so simple, it would help us understand what happens in our hearts every time we fall in love. And you were both destined to meet you. The attraction was strong from the first moment and time has shown that you were not wrong to decide that you wanted to sleep embraced every night.

3. “We walked without looking for us, but knowing that we were going to find each other”

Do you believe in fate? The Argentine writer Julio Cortázar seems convinced that the steps of those who love will end up crossing. Their paths are destined to meet, for many hardships that their hearts must overcome. Has fate brought you together with your better half?

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4. “Love becomes greater and nobler in calamity”

This sentence by Gabriel Garcia Marquez talks about the misfortunes that unite lovers more. When they are able to overcome difficulties, their relationship grows and matures. After the obstacles, the lovers hold on more tightly to the hand because their love has been strengthened.

5. Where there is love, there is pain

The proverb says: “Where there is love, there is a pain“. So much is the heart involved with each one of its lovers that each little pinch feels like a great blow. However, no matter how much she suffers, tears will never make all smiles disappear. The heart remembers the good times better.

6. The root of all passions is love”

But love is not only related to suffering.” The root of all passions is love, from which sadness, joy, and despair are born” (Lope de Vega, Spanish writer). From it always arise great feelings. 

7. You were, you are and you will be my best chance

You met on a bus, a night in a nightclub, in the queue of the supermarket box … Did chance lead you to your love? In this case, you will feel very identified with this anonymous short love quotes for her that you can dedicate to your partner to give him a nice romantic surprise. Write these beautiful words on a piece of paper and place it next to your cup so that when you make breakfast you will discover it or stick it on the bathroom mirror so that it is the first thing you see in the morning. It will make you very happy!

Cute Short love quotes for her

8. There’s no distance big enough to make you forget

They say that distance is oblivion, but there are loves that manage to survive kilometers. It is not easy to love someone who is far away because of the hunger for their hugs and kisses make you want to abandon everything. However, there are relationships that come reinforced from a complicated situation like this. Do you know the best of love at a distance? The reunions.

9. Love does not understand conditions

When we put conditions to love, the feeling fails to become true. We cut off the wings of the loving expression, which does not find the path of happiness. Love is above the human, so we can not put mundane conditions that contract their growth. Somehow, whether it’s good or bad, it will overflow and achieve its goal.

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10. In his kisses I forgot everything

You know they gave you a good kiss when, suddenly, you forget where you were and how you got there. It is often said that passionate kisses have the ability to stop time, but also to make the floor disappear under your feet and the sky above your head. A kiss only needs the right person and the right way to give it. Once these factors come together, the flight is guaranteed.

11. “Love does not need to be understood, only to be demonstrated”

No matter how hard we try to understand love and all the paths that lead to it, the universe of feelings continues to be an inscrutable mystery. We tend to give a lot of thought to the head that, finally, we end up dizzy. This quote by Paulo Coelho invites us to stop thinking and talking and enjoy what is truly important: love in its purest form. Let’s move on to action; let’s love without conditions.

12. My heart is better since you are in it

True love makes us better people. When the feeling is pure, you stop being selfish, you learn what empathy is, you realize that love moves mountains … That’s why lovers know that their heart is better at the moment in which the right person comes to live.  

13. You smell the love of my life

There is a lot of talk about sex pheromones and how they work or not in humans. But, what is undeniable, is that the smell of the beloved is unforgettable. It seems that it has a magical power to attract and melt you that very few things get.

It is possible that at some time when walking down the street, an odor has come to you that has made you think immediately of that special person. And it is that the perfume has great evocative power: it makes us travel to other places but also to other times.

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14. So, just as you are

There are those who insist on changing their partner so that it is as he had always thought. He tells him to be nicer, to dress better or to keep his jokes. He is ashamed of the true way of being of the person he has by his side. Far from being love, this strategy speaks of obsession and convenience. Therefore, everyone should aspire to find that lover who can say: I love you well, just as you are. No changes or disguises.

15. “Where there is love, there is life”

Without love, there is no life. Without feeling there is no movement. Without tenderness, there is no happiness. We understand this quote of Mahatma Gandhi beyond the limits of couple’s love. And it is that love finds its channel in different relationships: mother’s love, father’s love, son’s love, companion’s love, friend’s love … The feeling of love is the motor of life. 

16. I’ll be brief: I love you

No matter how hard we try to get romantic, love does not need words. With a simple I love you is enough. Love needs facts, caresses, kisses, impulses, fantasies, tenderness, dreams …

17. Your only fault is that you do not wake up by my side

The snoring and summer sweats for sharing a bed share are worth it when you open an eye in the morning and see that the person you love is still by your side. You can smell its essence, share its warmth, introduce yourself to your dreams … You are lucky to have woken up at your side. Is there a better way to get up than with a smile from the person you love so much?

18. I am happy and you are my motive

It is possible that, sometimes, love makes us suffer. There are many obstacles that you have to go through and many pains that you have to face to get together with your lover. However, there is no more powerful reason to be happy than love. Being next to the person you love is the best treatment to put a permanent smile on your face.

Short love quotes for him from her

19. Whatever, but with you

Any plan is good if you are with the right person. Any problem is easier if you know who is around you. If your partner makes everything look simpler, tell him very clearly: Whatever, but with you. Forever.

20. “We were the perfect hell”

The poet Mario Benedetti left written: “I fell in love with his demons and she with my darkness. We were the perfect hell. ” And it is that paradise can become repetitive and boring for two who would love each other in the same hell. Who would you be willing to go to hell with?

21. I try to be cold, but you melt me

How is it possible that the person you love so much always finds a way to give you what you need ? Even no matter how hard you try to resist their charms, you involuntarily return to their warmth.  

22. You are my favorite place in the world

The love of your life has become your favorite place in the world: the one you want to return to when the rain rages, the only one that can calm you when your nerves eat you … Your sweet arms have become the place where you need ampararte. Your lover has become your home, where your heart lives.

23. We are the best love story

There are many times of love stories: with a happy ending, eternal, clandestine, impossible, forbidden … How is yours? Despite the difficulties and the problems that you have to go through, there is one thing very clear. For you, your love story is the most beautiful that there will ever be.

Short love quotes from her to him

24. You’re my craziest madness

It is possible that you have already realized that love can more than common sense. And it is that, when you are in love, your world turns around and stops making sense what until now had been the most accepted. For that reason, we are sure to say that love makes us commit some crazy things. This amorous blindness is not an excuse or justifying argument, but it is not surprising that one lover says to the other: “you are my sanest, saner person”.   

25. One minute by your side is enough

We would like to spend our whole lives with the person we love. However, sometimes fate seems determined to make things difficult for us and we have to get away from the beloved person. It is in these cases that every second becomes more important than ever. “I prefer a minute by your side that all eternity without you.”

26. Even today, your look makes me nervous

It’s a good sign that the spark inside you re-ignites every time the person you love looks at you, no matter how old the years go by. The beloved’s smile tickles the soul, just as his tears are daggers that stick in your chest. And is that even if today your eyes make you nervous, kiss him. Love in silence and screaming, with light and dark, in good times and bad … Just love.

27. I love you like a duck: patolavida!

If you want to put a bit of humor into your love relationship, dedicate a funny quote to your boy or girl. This, although it is simple and is a bit heard, will get a smile, but simply because you do not expect something like that. Tell him your bad jokes, tickle his feet, leave a romantic note on the pillow … Laughing together is essential for couples, whose love flame stops shining when they fail to provoke a laugh in the other.

28. My happiness is to hear your voice

Although money can make us momentarily happy, happiness does not require large gifts or copious feasts. The joy lies in the small things, like the possibility of hearing your beloved’s voice after a while without hearing it. When you become aware of the goodness of these tiny details, happiness will accompany you wherever you go.

29. And suddenly, you came

If you know how to expect it and you are gentle, love may be waiting for you in every corner. Maybe tomorrow you’ll meet the man of your life when you go to buy bread or maybe it’s this weekend when you go to a new restaurant with your friends or your family. Obsessing to find love will only make you suffer; he will not advance his arrival. By itself, suddenly, it will arrive.

Short love quotes for him and her

30. We are not perfect, but we are

The moment in which a couple stops combining the verses with the first person of the singular and begins to do with the plural, when moving from the self to the us, something changes and there is no turning back. It awakens a feeling that can be silenced for a while but that will always be there its trace, the feeling of having lived it.

31. Every time our eyes meet, I touch the sky

Love makes us fly. The tips of our fingers caress the highest clouds and the birds become our traveling companions when the person we love looks at us. What will love have that changes the way we see things? It seems incredible that, with the cords that we were before us, now that we have fallen in love we have become so crazy. Crazy of love.

32. I want a first kiss every day

Although the first kiss is a lack of experience, it is more intense than any other. And it is that, however bad it was because you did not know what you were going to face, you can never forget that feeling by connecting to the lips of the person you liked. It might be surprising, maybe it was tender, maybe it was desperate … But, first of all, it was the first kiss. Why not give us the first kiss every day?

33. You have become the fuel of my heart

We know from medicine that it is the blood and the valves that make the heart beat. But, from the most romantic point of view, that which we like so much, is love that keeps us alive. The beloved person maintains the desire to take each step, to continue tracing our path and to smile every day. Thank you for becoming the fuel of my heart.

34. I love you for how you make me be

You already know that love makes us better people. It makes us open our eyes before the injustices and the heart before the emotions. That is why, when you are next to the right person, you become the best version of yourself. Generosity, justice, affection, tenderness … That’s why I love you for how you are, but also for how you make me be.

35. Being in love is not wanting to sleep, because your life is already a dream

Loving and being reciprocated is the best feeling. And, if you are lucky enough to be able to live it when you are awake, why go to sleep? Your dream has come true and you no longer need to keep dreaming.

36. My eyes speak when I’m with you

The words are left between two that are wanted. They can interpret each look and are able to know what their love needs with a single gesture. To reach that level of understanding is not sought, it is simply achieved. The lips are silent and it is the eyes that begin to speak. And his first two and last words are always the same: I love you.

37″Nothing lasts forever, that’s why I want you to be my nothing”

And, to finish, we leave you this quote of the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. It will make you reflect on love and what you are looking for in your life.

Do you still want more short love quotes for her? Tell us in the comments which one is your favorite. 

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