101 short inspirational quotes about success

101 short inspirational quotes about success

Short inspirational quotes about success may prove an extra dose of motivation to achieve your goals.

Best short inspirational quotes about success

To achieve success or our goals inspiration and motivations is very important. To achieve a better result and to minimize the pain inspiration is the most important thing.

Sometimes we lost our interest or for any reason, we are not able to do our best so inspiration and motivation play a key role to achieve success.

Anthony Robbins said “In life you need inspiration or despair”.

When our actions pursue those goals that inspire us, we generate the right motivation to unleash our potential and our maximum, and thus, the results will end up being excellent. Motivations, productivity and succes are closely rlated concepts.

So in this article, we explore some of the best short inspirational quotes about success to motivate you people.

To be successful, you need to motivate yourself even though you are experiencing one of those days when you would throw in the towel. Life has its good moments and its bad moments, but we must continue there, implacable, at the bottom of the cannon trying to keep fighting for what makes us happy.

Regardless of whether it is a goal of self-realization, a work task, a football match in which you are losing or a moment in which you should not look back when you have broken your heart, you, like everyone else, need extra motivation.

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Motivation: the irrefutable key to success

Moving on begins with yourself, believing it and reminding you especially in the most delicate moments.

When you start thinking that the challenge is big or you doubt your abilities to get it, intent repeat yourself these phrases to give a little push or simply use them as a source of inspiration.

Short inspirational quotes about success

The 101 short inspirational quotes about the success that will help you motivate yourself and achieve your goals.

1. Make sure your worst enemy does not live between your ears

The decision to throw in the towel or move on is yours. So positive messages in order to move forward because otherwise, you will not achieve what you propose.

2. Failure is the way to start over, but smarter

The failures are an unbeatable opportunity to learn because if you take it as a learning experience, you will probably not make the same mistakes as in the past.

3. The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary

Success does not come by itself, but it requires a lot of work. So get down to work, because if you want something, something costs you.

4. Do not count the days, make the days count

This is one of those phrases to motivate you to live in the present. There are two ways to live life: count the days without enjoying the moment or make each day an unforgettable memory.

5. Today is going to be your big day

Personally, I love this phrase. Remind yourself that today is your day, it can help you see life from a positive perspective. A recent study showed that optimists are more successful in the workplace than cynics. Short inspirational quotes about success.

6. Happiness is not something done. It comes from your own actions

This phrase of the Dalai Lama, so consistent with the Buddhist philosophy, reminds you that to change your environment,  the first thing you should do is change yourself. If you do things to improve your day to day, sooner or later, your day to day will improve.


7. Everything is practical

The legendary soccer player Edson Arantes do Nascimento, better known as ” Pele “, once delivered this famous motivating phrase. In those moments when you think you do not have enough ability to achieve something, remind yourself that “everything is practical”. Nobody is born taught.

8. It is possible that the lessons you like or that seem irrelevant and silly, but there are no mistakes, only lessons

This phrase of Benjamin Franklin you must memorize it, because it helps you to remember that even of the worst moments you can learn lessons . Facing the failures in a positive way is the best way to recover as soon as possible and keep fighting for what makes you happy.

9. This is your moment

Now is the only time you will be able to live. Your moment is now, not yesterday or tomorrow. Therefore, put all your efforts in the present moment so that the following present moments are as good as this one. A very present phrase in Mindfulness philosophy.

10. Every day gives you a new opportunity

This is one of those phrases that you should remember just when you get out of bed and then face the day as if it were the last day you will be able to live. Each day gives you different opportunities, so take advantage of them. Short inspirational quotes about success.

Famous inspirational quotes about success

11. The sky is the limit

The sky is unattainable and is the only limit that exists . This motivational phrase so used goes to say that “if you want to achieve something, with much effort you can achieve it”. Very used and repeated among athletes.

12. Your will is always under your control, so nothing can stop you

The only one who can achieve your goals is you. If something affects your determination, it is because you allow it .

13. Fate mixes the cards, and we play them

This phrase of the philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer makes reference to that the destiny can put different ways to you in the life or can present you different obstacles, but we made the decisions and we decided the way to follow.

14. Convictions have the power to create and the power to destroy

This phrase is widely used in the world of coaching and refers to the beliefs and convictions help us or prevent us from achieving our goals. For coaches, beliefs that are positive when it comes to achieving goals are called “empowering beliefs.” On the contrary, beliefs that become an obstacle are called “limiting beliefs”.

15. The best pleasure of life is doing the things that people say we can not do

We live in a society that shows us the path we must follow. The happiest people are those who know their motivations and fight for them. When you do the things that you enjoy, you enter Flow State. This phrase tells you to fight for what will make you happy, regardless of what others say.

16. The pain is temporary, it can last a minute, an hour or a day. When the pain goes away, something else takes its place, but if you give up, the pain will last forever

Pain is an unpleasant sensation, but it is part of life. You must accept the pain and keep going because better times will come.

17. Only those who run the risk of progress can know how far they can go

This phrase pronounced in one of the films “Rocky”, carried out by Silvester Stallone, makes reference to “who do not try it, never will know to where it could have arrived”.

18. The desire to win is important, but the desire to prepare is vital

Although this phrase is often used more in the world of sport, it can be used in any area of ​​life. Achieving a goal always requires progress and, in many cases, there may be times when you want to throw in the towel. Remember that the goal is the end of a long road and exposed to difficulties, can be useful.

19. I have failed again and again in my life: that is why I have achieved success

Himself Michael Jordan uttered this phrase once. What reminds us of the “king of basketball” is that even a figure like him has had failures and failures that have allowed him to grow and become who he is. Did you know that Jordan is one of the players that has missed the most shots in the history of the league?

I have failed again and again in my life Michael Jordan

20. Good fortune favors the daring

This phrase makes reference to that if you are brave enough to try to achieve what you propose, surely you will achieve it.  Nothing will be a sufficient obstacle for you to stop. Fortune you have sought, you will not come alone.

Powerful inspirational quotes about success

21. The best way to predict the future is to create it

Peter Drucker , about the future and its possibilities of creation. An inspiring phrase that connects the predisposition to act with the appearance of a better tomorrow . The future is yours and therefore you must take the responsibility of setting it up.

22. Be the change you want to see in the world

Gandhi expresses himself in these terms when talking about the relationship between personal change and social change .

22. It always seems impossible until it is done

One of Nelson Mandela’s famous quotes. A reflection on the limits, sometimes objective and sometimes imaginary, of what can be done.

23. It is difficult to overcome a person who never gives up

Babe Ruth , mythical American baseball player, on the ability to excel. This is one of these motivational phrases that can serve both athletes and for entrepreneurs in the business world.

short inspirational quotes about success

24. To be successful, we must first believe that we can have it

This phrase of Nikos Kazantzakis puts emphasis on preparing body and mind to effectively move towards a goal.

25. Failure is the condiment that gives its flavor to success

One of the best motivating phrases of the writer Truman Capote. The concept of “success” only makes sense if there is an idea of ​​”failure” to which we can counterpose it.

26. Excellence is not an act, it is a habit

Aristotle, one of the most classical Greek philosophers, talks about his idea of ​​virtue as something that should be part of the person’s day to day, rather than being distributed throughout our lives as if it were an unusual element. A reflection that will please the most perfectionist people.

27. If you do not like the way things are, change them

Jim Rohn talks about the possibility of improving our context almost as if it were imperative. A Sign that can be achieved.

28. You fail 100% of the shots you do not make

Wayne Gretzky, about the need to try it as something that, in itself, enriches us by expanding our potential. One of his best known motivational phrases.

29. No one can make you feel inferior without your consent

Eleanor Roosevelt, about our way of managing self-esteem and relativizing the importance of criticism.

30. No masterpiece has been created by a lazy artist

Anonymous. A motivating phrase about the effort and the ability to persevere. 

Inspirational quotes about success and failure

31. If you do not fight for what you want, do not regret what you lose

A famous anonymous quote. If you are not capable of sacrificing yourself to achieve your dreams, you have nothing to rebuke existence.

32. Force does not come from the bodily capacity, but from the will of the soul

This popular Mahatma Gandhi quotes reminds us that our mind has much more strength and will than our body.

33. Without dreams to make reality, life does not make sense

Maybe it sounds a bit exaggerated, but the truth is that if we do not have illusions and aspirations, it is difficult to continue living.

34. The man well prepared for the fight has already achieved half a triumph 

The author of  Don Quixote, Miguel de Cervantes, made this reflection on the capacity for sacrifice.

35. The true seeker grows and learns, and discovers that he is always the main responsible for what happens 

Argentine author Jorge Bucay reminds us of the importance of knowing what our locus of control is.

36. Sometimes when you innovate you make mistakes. It is best to admit them and focus on refining other ideas

Steve Jobs, the creative genius of Apple, leaves us this sentence to remember thatmistakes are part of the way.

37. If you are afraid of failing, you will probably fail

The incredible basketball player Kobe Bryant reveals an important aspect about the mentality: either you go out to win or you do not have to try.

Inspirational quotes about success images

short success quotes

38. To succeed in your desire to achieve it must be greater than your fear of failure

African-American actor and presenter Bill Cosby tell us that in every successful home there is a brave man who overcame his fear of failure.

39. If yesterday you fell, get up today

The British philosopher HG Wells, in addition to his brainy texts,  was known to leave us pearls in the form of phrases, like this one.

40. Execute your knowledge with the mastery of the one who keeps learning

Phrase of the psychologist and coach Jonathan García-Allen, in which we introduce a paradox: the most skilled individuals are those who have the attitude of continuing to learn day after day.

41. It is not enough to think about it, it is not enough to state it, the essential thing is to carry it out

Anonymous phrase. Any large company needs to move from idea to action. Ideas alone are not good for much.

42. The motivation does not come from inspiration, but from hard work and eventual failures

The sociologist Juan Fernando Trecet explains the merit of continuing to insist despite the obstacles that the road may present.

43. If there is no struggle, there is no progress

Frederick Douglass about how far to move forward you have to lose the fear of expressing your own point of view and fighting for what is considered good. Hard work has its reward.

famous short inspirational quotes about success

44. If we are growing, we will always be outside of our comfort zone

John C. Maxwell argues that progress always involves a portion of effort .

45. Man must live and create

Albert Camus puts the human being at the center of the process of building his own life.

46. ​​If you can dream it, you can achieve it

Zig Ziglar, about the immense range of possibilities that we have.

47. Positive actions combined with positive thinking produce success

Shiv Khera phrase in which the importance of making thought to follow actions is stressed.

48. The secret of moving forward is to start

The more pragmatic Mark Twain makes it clear that the attitude with which a project is undertaken is decisive to make it develop as it should.

49. Life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it

A phrase by Charles R. Swindoll in which we emphasize our capacity for decision and the control we have before what we live.

50. Try again. Fails again. Fails better.

Samuel Beckett, on  the need to accept failure as part of the process of progress.

51. Let each man exercise the art that dominates

Aristophanes argues that  all people have their own abilities and strengths , and that the conditions can always be created for them to come out.

52. Dream big and dare to fail

Norman Vaughan, on the need to overcome the initial fears and to avoid the paralysis of analysis when you have high aspirations.

53. Make each day your masterpiece

A motivating phrase by John Wooden applicable to day to day.

54. Illuminate tomorrow with the present

One of those motivating phrases in which the importance of creating future possibilities based on work in the here and now is emphasized. The quote is from Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

55. Do what you can do, wherever you are, what you have

A quote from Theodore Roosevelt that could be interpreted as a “no excuses”.

56. To avoid criticism, do not do anything, do not say anything, do not be anything

Elbert Hubbard points out what would happen if we were totally consistent with the philosophy of avoiding certain types of damages.

57. The best dreams happen when you’re awake

Cherie Gilderbloom, on the need to know how to be alert to detect opportunities.

58. The harder I work, the luckier I get

A motivating phrase from Gary Player in which we are reminded that luck does not come from anything, but from the opportunities that we create.

59. Everything you’ve always wanted is on the other side of fear

A motivating phrase by George Addair in which he is encouraged to overcome the initial fears.

60. Hard times never stay long, but hard people do

Robert H. Schuller talks about l to human capacity to overcome the bad times . A capacity that is known as resilience.

61. If you are going through a bad time, just keep going

The famous British leader left us this valuable and motivating reflection.

62. The most dissatisfied customers should be your biggest inspiration for learning

The software mogul Bill Gates leaves us with a reflection that should make us think about the way to bring a business to fruition.

63. It is not necessary to have a company of 1,000 employees to develop your idea

Larry Page falls back on  the advantages of owning your own destiny.

64. There is no barrier, lock or obstacle that you can impose on the freedom of your mind

The writer Virgina Woolf talks about the infinite potential of the human mind.

65. The genius consists of 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration

Phrase of the great Thomas Alva Edison.  Success is based much more on effort than on talent. Or maybe in a combination of both factors.

66. The best investment is the one that is not necessary to make

Business tycoon Donald Trump surprises us with this unintuitive thought.

67. If our motivation was money, we would have sold Google and we would be on the beach

The founder of Google Larry Page leaves us another interesting phrase.

68. If you do not enjoy a clear competitive advantage, do not compete

Jack Welch leaves us this realistic reflection on the entrepreneurial spirit .

69. Successful people are ordinary people who made an extraordinary decision

Success and failure, a matter of sacrifice.

70. You will never succeed if you always think of revenge.

Pierre Bonard, on the need to turn the page and not get stuck in bad times.

71. Nothing on this earth can stop the man who has the correct mental attitude to achieve his goal. Nothing on this earth can help man with the wrong mental attitude

Former US President Thomas Jefferson explains his vision of success.

72. When you stop dreaming, you stop living

Malcolm Forbes, about the need to continue dreaming and aspiring to change the world.

73. Actually we compete with ourselves, we have no control over the performance of others

A phrase by Pete Cashmore that can be applied both in the business field and in almost any facet of life.

74. The function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers

Ralph Nader, on how leaders should influence the human group .

75. You can not choose how you are going to die, or when. You can only decide how you are going to live. Now

Joan Báez in an essential existential phrase.

76. If you are clear with what you want, the world responds clearly

A motivating phrase Loretta Staples with a fundamental principle to achieve success in life.

77. Writing is a skill that is learned by writing

The feminist writer Simone de Beauvoir gives us one of the keys to prosper. If you want to learn about a subject, simply devote yourself to it body and soul .

78. If you do not have confidence, you will always find a way to not win

Sprinter Carl Lewis stresses the vital importance of having confidence in oneself to focus on success.

79. If you think something is impossible, you will make it impossible

A legendary inspirational phrase by Bruce Lee, the most famous martial arts fighter in history.

80. There are films that I would like to forget, however, even those films taught me something

The Spanish actor Antonio Banderas explains that,  even in less memorable moments, we can learn positive lessons for our lives .

81. Whether you think you can do it or not, in both cases you’re right

Henry Ford, in a sentence that can leave us thinking for a while.

82. Only one thing makes a dream impossible: the fear of failing

An inspiring phrase that the writer Paulo Coelho brings us.

83. The biggest mistake a person can make is to be afraid of making a mistake

Elbert Hubbard also stresses the importance of making mistakes as part of life-long learning.

84. Not wanting is the cause, not being able to pretend

Philosophical phrase about Seneca.  Loafers make excuses, while brave ones never fail .

85. The best way to predict the future is to invent it

Phrase wise where they are, by Alan Key. Who invents the future has everything in their hands. Famous short inspirational quotes about success.

86. Things are not said, they are done, because when they are done they say themselves

The great filmmaker Woody Allen values ​​actions much more than words.

87. If today you do not fight, tomorrow do not cry

A famous anonymous quote that warns us of the need to avoid procrastination and advance day by day towards our dreams .

88. Why should we content ourselves with crawling when we feel the desire to fly?

Hellen Keller insists on letting our imagination fly, without limits or ties of any kind.

89. Good luck is only the pretext of the unsuccessful

An anonymous phrase but with an absolutely authentic meaning.

90. Today you are going to conquer the sky, without looking at how high the ground is

This is another quote from an unknown author but one that can inspire us to move forward despite the obstacles.

91. All triumphs are born when we dare to begin

A start, a decision, is the first step towards success . Quote from Eugene Ware.

92. If you do not work for your dreams, someone will hire you to work for yours

A reflection of Steve Jobs, the creative genius of Apple. Applicable in working life, but also in any other aspect of existence .

93. Fear is the greatest disability of all

The lecturer Nick Vujcic, in one of his most inspiring phrases. Overcoming fear means starting to fight for dreams .

94. Never expect a positive result with a negative attitude

Reflection of anonymous authorship that should make us think about how we face certain challenges.

95. If you do not climb the mountain you will never be able to enjoy the landscape

The Chilean poet recognizes that the honeys of success only come after a sustained effort over time. Short inspirational quotes about success.

96. Those who have the privilege of knowing, have an obligation to act

The scientist and intellectual reference of the twentieth century Albert Einstein leaves us this valuable reflection.

97. Life is but a succession of opportunities to survive

Gabriel García Márquez, in a phrase that we can interpret in different ways.

98. If you fall and get up, you did not fall. You only took momentum

Alejandro Jodorowski, in an excellent metaphor that fills us with energy to move forward .

99. Who wants to do something finds the means, who does not want to do anything finds an excuse

A motivational traditional Arabic proverb.

100. Your dream deserves

An imperative phrase that was born from the mind of the great Octavio Paz.

101. Vision without action is a dream. Action without vision is a nightmare

A motivating Chinese proverb The action must be based on a deep reflection on what we want to do in life .

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