Quotes about romantic relationships to reflect

Quotes about romantic relationships to reflect

A compilation of sweet Quotes about romantic relationships.

Quotes about romantic relationships to reflect

The world of relationships can become complicated and confusing. Emotions are not always well expressed, and expectations do not have to fit with what can be obtained from contact with the other person.

However, throughout history, many important figures have reflected on love, friendship and what holds together the bonds of affection.

Quotes about romantic relationships to reflect

Below you can find a selection of quotes about romantic relationships that are wise, fun or invite to reflect.

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1. The first love is a little madness and a great curiosity – George Bernard Shaw

A metaphor to describe the spontaneous character of first love.

2. In love there is something of madness, but at the same time in madness there is always something right – Friedrich Nietzsche

A quote about the romantic relationships of this great vitalist philosopher.

quotes about new romantic relationships

3. Never above you, never below you, always by your side – Walter Winchell

In this reflection is expressed the way in which an equality relationship should be understood.

4. When someone shows you who they really are, they trust – Maya Angelou

A tip on the value of honesty in relationships.

5. The relationship between husband and wife should be that of two best friends – BR Ambedkar

Here we compare the affect in relationships based on romantic love and that of two people who have a friendship relationship.

6. People change and forget to tell others – Lillian Hellman

A phenomenon that can be interpreted as something tragic.

7. Love does not claim possessions but gives freedom – Rabindranath Tagore

Not confusing love with toxic relationships is fundamental.

8. Loving is not looking at each other but rather looking both in the same direction – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Another of those phrases about relationships in which the expressive force is transmitted with an image.

9. The way people treat you is their karma, while how you react is yours – Wayne Dyer

A philosophy of life to manage relationships with others.

10. You never lose by loving, you always lose by repressing yourself – Barbara de Angelis

An assessment of the costs of not loving.

12. First love is loved more, others are loved better Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

With this play on words, this writer qualifies the way in which love is first love.

13. Love does not look, it feels – Pablo Neruda

Pablo Neruda is resounding in defending the idea that love is, mainly, something that is experienced.

14. Friendship often becomes love, but love never becomes friendship – Lord Byron

An apparent paradox about the way in which relationships evolve.

15. For a lover there are no friends – Stendhal

Stendhal defined in this way the change that implies becoming a lover.

16. Intense love does not measure, but simply gives – Teresa of Calcutta

Understanding love as something liberating, Teresa de Calcuta emphasizes the positive side of that feeling and mental state.

17. What is done out of love is beyond good and evil – Friedrich Nietzsche

Another phrase about Nietzsche’s relationships, in this case related to morality.

18. Healthy relationships grow from unbounded trust – Beau Mirchoff

Appreciating the link between mutual trust and love.

19. No person involved in a relationship should feel that to make it viable you need to give up an essential part of yourself – May Sarton

Intense relationships should be addressed not as a sacrifice, but as a space in which to grow.

20. The fact of being honest is what makes relationships last – Lauryn Hill

Another of the phrases about relationships in which the importance of honesty is emphasized, a recurring theme.

21. There is nothing more interesting than the conversation of two lovers who remain silent – Achile Tournier

The dialogues among those who love are often silent.

22. Neither absence nor fear means something when you love – Alfred de Musset

A striking phrase that highlights the power of love.

23. The magic of first love is the ignorance that it can have an ending – Benjamin Disraeli

One more reflection about the type of love that is experienced for the first time.

24. Relationships based on obligation lack dignity – Wayne Dyer

In this way the impossibility is expressed that the relations plagued by impositions are genuine

25. Every lover is a soldier at war – Ovidio

One of the oldest reflections on the role of the person who loves.

26. Love is friendship on fire – Jeremy Taylor

In this metaphor, a comparison between friendship and love is made that speaks for itself.

27. The first duty of love is to know how to listen – Paul Tillich

Ordering priorities is essential in romantic relationships, and knowing how to listen is a basic need.

28. The famous lovers of history lived always apart – Noel Clarasó

Noel Clasaró suggests that coexistence fundamentally changes relationships.

29. It is easier to look good as a lover than as a husband, since it is easier to be timely and witty every now and then than every day – Honoré de Balzac

One more reflection on the abrupt change that involves living with the couple.

30. To love is to find happiness in your own happiness – Gottfried Leibniz

In this metaphorical image, the philosopher expresses what is the essence of love.

31. At the beginning of a love lovers talk about the future, in its final stages, of the past – André Maurois

Talking about the beginning and end of relationships, and how these two stages are similar.

32. There is more pleasure in loving than in being loved – John Fuller

A statement that many people would discuss, but that gives rise to reflection.

33. There are no limits to the power of love – John Morton

Many thinkers have emphasized the power of love throughout history, and John Morton takes this idea to the extreme.

34. We are always afraid of being too interested, for fear that the other will not care about anything – Eleanor Roosevelt

An observation soaked in sadness, about the lack of courage with which relationships are faced

35. Who loves, delirs – Lord Byron

Many times there has been talk about the irrational nature of love. In this case, Lord Byron relates the action of loving with the delirious ideas that appear in some mental crises.

36. The sign that we do not love someone is that we do not give them all the best in us – Paul Claudel

Provocative phrase but that serves to emphasize the importance of love in our lives.

37. Do we have to have a reason to love? – Brigitte Bardot

A question that may seem naive but at the same time serves to question dogmas.

38. We can only learn to love by loving – Iris Murdoch

Emphasizing once again the importance of practicing love, rather than theorizing about it.

39. Love dies of ennui, and oblivion buries them – Jean de la Bruyere

A reflection on the elements that make love enter into crisis.

40. Love is the poetry of the senses – Honoré de Balzac

A very lyrical image about the nature of love.

That’s it these are the 40 sweet quotes about romantic relationships. I hope that you guys like these quotes. Thanks for reading and please don’t forget to share with your friends.

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