Famous quotes about patience in relationships and understanding

40 Quotes about patience in relationships

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On this occasion, we bring the best quotes about patience in relationships.

patience in relationships quotes
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And is that, in these times, where everything is going fast and we do not have time to stop even a second, understand the importance of patience is essential.

Every time I face situations that demand patience I make sure to read some sentences before making a decision. These incredibly inspiring words and sayings about the patience of some of the wisest people who ever walked the earth always help me be patient. It does not matter if I face stressful situations or the irresponsible behavior of other people, these wonderful quotes about patience in relationships always encourage me to stay focused.

Famous quotes about patience in relationships

Enjoy the following Famous quotes about patience in relationships that will help you establish a sense of inner calm, serenity, and peace.

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1. People believe that patience is passive, and it is not so. Patience is active. It is concentrated strength.

Famous quotes about patience in relationships and understanding
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2. Patience is the art of having hope.

3. Someone who has patience can have anything that is proposed.

4. To achieve anything you just need love and patience.

5. The obstacles and difficulties disappear as if by magic to those who have patience and perseverance.

6. The fruit of bitter patience is very sweet.

7. The companion of wisdom is patience.

8. With patience and perseverance, you can move mountains.

9. Genius is eternal patience.

10. The secret of nature is eternal patience.

11. There are two great warriors on the planet: Patience and time.

12. If only there was joy in the world, we could not learn to be brave and patient.

13. Be patient in all areas, but above all, be patient with yourself.

14. A man who is a teacher in patience is a teacher in everything else.

15. With strength or ingenuity you can achieve some things, but with patience you can achieve many more.

16. Without patience it is impossible to possess one’s soul.

17. Patience cannot be obtained overnight. It’s like a muscle. You have to exercise a little each day.

18. It is a mistake to believe that every mistake is really an error. That alone can tell the time. Therefore, be patient.

19. Abused patience can turn into fury.

20. Our actions have consequences, and you must endure them patiently.

Famous quotes about patience in relationships

Best quotes about patience in a long distance relationship

I leave you the best quotes about patience in a long distance relationships of great historical figures.

1. “The soul that is in love with God is a gentle soul, humble and patient.”

2. “Nothing breeds the earth more flimsy than the man of how many beings breathe and walk through it. While the gods lend him virtue and his knees are agile, he believes that he will never receive misfortunes in the future; but when the happy gods grant miseries, even these have to endure them patiently against their will. ”

3. “The farewells produce a strange sensation, there is something of envy in them, the men leave to put their courage to the test and if something is put to the test it is our patience to do without them or maybe because of how well we endure loneliness. But I’ve always known that, it did not take a war. ” – Karen Dinesen

4. “It’s important to ask, but you do not always have to hurry to answer.” Jostein Gaarder

5. “That is the quality of the warrior: to understand that will and courage are not the same. Courage can attract fear and flattery, but willpower requires patience and commitment. ” PAULO COELHO

6. “The main qualities that determine the perfect human being is patience, generosity, humility, courtesy, detachment, good character and sincerity.” JOSEPH MURPHY

7. “The fable of the bull and his son. A bull and his son, the bull, watched from a hill how a group of cows grazed. The steer asked the father: Dad, dad! What if we go down in a hurry and fuck a cow? To which the father replied: Calm down, son, we will go down slowly and we will fuck them all. ”

8. “Nobody gets rid of a habit or a vice by throwing it out of the window at once; you have to take it down the stairs, step by step. ” Mark Twain

9. “Obedience and patience, they are the best science.”

10. “God did it like that. The complaints, the reproach are blindness. Happy is he who asks for oracles higher than his duel! ” RAFAEL POMBO

11. “Patience begins with tears and, finally, smiles.” RAMON LLULL”Be patient. Do not rush. There are years that ask questions and years that give the answers. Not everything is now, not now! Life takes its time. ” Ignacio Novo Bueno

12. “They are very similar, yes, the works of force to those of patients.” Benito Perez

13. “There is no better love than the one that has never been. The romances that reach completion inevitably lead to disappointment, hatred or patience; the incomplete loves are always cocoon, they are always a passion.” ALEJANDRO Dolina

14. Beware of the fury of a patient man.

15. The best way to have patience is to be doing something else in the meantime.

16. Resistance is concentrated patience.

Famous quotes about patience and understanding

love and patience quotes in a relationship

1. If you want to be patient, think of the rivers. They are patient. They are not in a hurry. They know that they will arrive at their destination one day.

2. Patience and time allow for greater achievements than strength or passion.

3. Human wisdom can be summarized as having hope and patience.

4. If you want to achieve success, the best thing you can do is have patience, persistence and sweat on your forehead.

5. The great works were never done by force, but by perseverance.

6. Patience is nothing more than domesticated passion.

7. You can not harvest immediately what has been sown. Patience is necessary.

8. Impatience is the ruin of the fortress. Patience is the support of weakness.

9. Humility is a kind of attentive patience.

10. Life is brief as to lose it being vengeful or malicious. Therefore, try to be patient and understanding with what surrounds you.

As you can see, these quotes about patience in relationship will help you to understand it much better. With them, you can be calmer in general terms and you will learn to wait for things that are taking a little longer than you expected to arrive.