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We review the best Patricia Highsmith quotes and thoughts.

Patricia Highsmith quotes

Patricia Highsmith (1921 – 1995) was an outstanding writer of American novels, especially famous for her works of suspense and mystery.

The works of Patricia Highsmith had a great impact on the American society of the twentieth century. His novels revolve around crimes, psychopathic characters and the struggle between good and evil. One of his works, Strangers in a Train (1950), was taken to the movies by Alfred Hitchcock.

Patricia Highsmith’s Famous quotes

Highsmith’s work has been described as depressing, pessimistic and obscure. His characters are usually marginalized, psychopaths and people with problems of all kinds. So, we are before an author who crushed the psyche of each of his characters.

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In today’s article, we are going to know the most famous quotes by Patricia Highsmith.

1. A novel is an emotional thing.

It would not make sense if it did not stimulate our emotions.

2. The book must be protected while it is being written.

Of vital importance for literature.

3. Do not forget to write down your ideas, however insignificant they may seem.

A trick that many writers and journalists use to not forget the good ideas.

4. A wave of panic brought relief from the known.

Recurring paradox in the real world.

5. I know that within you, Guy, you have a great capacity to be happy, immensely happy.

Excerpt from one of his novels, in an optimistic quote.

6. Tom envied him intensely, with a mixed feeling of envy and pity for himself.

Another small fragment of Mr. Ripley’s talent.

7. Developing the idea for a narrative is a process of advance and retreat, how to weave.

A novel is not written in a linear way.

8. It is easier to create from positive, affectionate emotions than to do it from negative and hateful ones. Jealousy, although powerful, does not inspire me at all, and what most resemble is cancer, which devours everything without giving anything in return.

Good emotions can take us much further.

Famous patricia highsmith quotes

Famous Patricia Highsmith quotes

9. Tom laughed at the thought of those words: sexual deviation. “Where is the sex?” He asked himself. “And where is the deviation?” He looked down at Freddie and in a low, resentful voice said, “Freddie Miles, you’ve been the victim of your own twisted mind.

An interesting fragment of one of his most famous novels.

10. How is an argument improved? Improving or thickening an argument consists of creating complications for the hero or perhaps his enemies. These complications take effect when they take the form of unexpected events. If the writer is able to thicken the plot and surprise the reader, logically, the plot improves.

On the art of writing great literary works, according to Patricia Highsmith.

11. Something is certain: the general public, readers and those who watch television want to be entertained, captured by a story. They want something unusual they can remember, that makes them shudder, make them laugh, something they can talk about and until they can recommend their friends.

This is what the public is after, eager for new sensations and stories.

12. I may have a serious and repressed criminal impulse inside me, otherwise, I would not be so interested in criminals or writing about them so often.

Somehow you have to explain that you would like to write about murders and crimes of all kinds.

13. Never apologize, never give explanations, said an English diplomat, and a French writer, Baudelaire, said that the only good parts of a book are the explanations that have been omitted in it.

The silences are most eloquent.

14. She liked that there were no cars in Venice. That gave the city a more human air. The streets were his veins and the people who came and went constantly was blood.

An opinion about one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

15. Girls are born women, “said Margot, Thea’s mother. Children are not born men. They have to learn to be. But girls already have a woman’s character.

Reflection very similar to the philosophy developed by Simone de Beauvoir.

16. And I think that many black novel writers (…) have to feel some kind of sympathy or identification with criminals, because, if they do not feel it, they would not be emotionally involved in the books they write.

Another opinion of Patricia Highsmith about a specific literary genre.

17. It is surprising to see how often a quote written in a notebook immediately leads to another quote. It may happen that an argument develops as you take notes.

Once you have begun to narrate, continue with it is much easier.

18. When I say development of a story, I refer to the process that must take place between the germ of a narrative and the detailed preparation of its argument.

Technical specifications related to writing.

19. Good short stories are written exclusively with the writer’s emotions, and usually, their themes would be expressed in a similar way in a poem.

A reflection on this form of literature.

20. It is advisable to open up to yourself before you start writing. As this can be done alone and in silence, there is no need for false vanities.

Being transparent with oneself helps not to close the creative torrent.

21. From the dramatic point of view, criminals are interesting because, at least for a time, they are energetic, free of spirit, and do not submit to anyone.

A strange seductive power of those who break the rules.

22. The technique without talent lacks jubilation and surprise, there is nothing original. The talent without technique, in short, how can the world get to see it?

Two elements that must go hand in hand to produce something that society can recognize and praise.

23. I find the passion for justice quite boring and artificial because neither life nor nature matters whether justice is done or not.

Justice is a human project linked to culture and the advance of history.

24. I dedicate myself to creating due to the boredom that reality and the monotony of routine and the objects that surround me produce me.

Monotony can push us towards creativity.

25. Writing is a way of organizing experience and life itself, and the need to do so is still present even if you do not have an audience.

One more way of ordering ideas and beliefs.

26. The absence of news produced a strange feeling of happiness and security, a sensation in which there was something unreal.

Living in a timeless state can generate a sense of unreality.

27. What makes the profession of the writer is animated and exciting is the constant possibility of failure.

Another of Patricia Highsmith quotes that refer to the art of writing.

28. It is really impossible to run out of ideas since these are found everywhere. The world is full of germinal ideas.

Where something happens, there is a suggestive interpretation of the facts.

29. I can not write if someone else is in the house, not even the cleaning woman.

One of the personal hobbies of this artist.

Patricia Highsmith love quotes

Patricia high smith love quotes

30. The first person you should think about pleasing when writing a book is yourself.

There is no need to pursue ghosts based on an audience that we do not feel close to or, possibly, exist beyond our imagination.

31. First of all, what complicates me when writing about writing is the impossibility of establishing rules.

Having a wide range of possibilities before you can paralyze.

32. All art is based on the desire to communicate, the love of beauty, or a need to create an order of disorder.

Decaying the main components of art.

33. Perhaps, for a writer, luck consists in being well publicized at the most appropriate time.

In success, marketing matters more than many would be willing to admit.

34. Writing novels or stories is a game and, to continue playing, it is necessary that at no time to stop having fun.

The ludic component is very important in creativity.

35. And no book, and possibly no painting, is, when it is finished, exactly the same as we dreamed it at the beginning.

As we put ideas into practice, they change.

36. I considered him a stingy and petty individual, who should have been born a woman to end his days as an old maid in front of a girls’ school.

A stereotyped vision of the single woman in the woman that today would cause controversy.

37. The detective had all the appearance of a typical American car salesman or seller of anything else; he was cheerful, presentable, of medium intelligence, able to talk about baseball with a man or to make some silly compliment to a woman.

The affable character adapts to many situations.

38. I did not want to be a murderer. Sometimes he completely forgot that he had killed. But sometimes, as was happening to her at the time, it was impossible for her to forget. No doubt, that night he had gotten it for a while, thinking about the meaning of possessions and why he liked living in Europe.

The fact of having killed usually leaves a mark in the memory.

39. This is what I like! Sit at a table and see how people go by. It helps you see life with different eyes. The delicatessen is very wrong not to practice the habit of watching people go by from a coffee table.

Observing the lives of others is a stimulating exercise because it allows you to imagine stories.

40. If one wanted to be cheerful, melancholy, thoughtful, courteous, it was enough to act as such at all times.

The character and personality are reflected in the actions, not in the words.

41. He was such a good person that he took it for granted that all other human beings were too. Tom had almost forgotten that there were such people.

One of Patricia Highsmith quotes about innocence.

42. I have made a decision: to enjoy what I have until I am finished.

A simple way to live in the present.

43. I already know that as a painter I will never cause a sensation … but painting gives me great pleasure.

Not everything obeys the logic of achieving a good economic or social status.

44. Versatility was his thing, and the world was very wide. He swore to himself that, as soon as he got a job, he would keep it. Patience and perseverance! Up and forward!

The need to progress can become the main engine that moves people.

45. It was strange and quite terrible to delve into something that might be the fruit of your imagination and transfer it to a real situation.

There comes a point where what belongs to the world of fantasy passes to the material.

46. ​​She was conscious with horror of the moments that passed, as if they were part of an irrevocable time, an irrevocable happiness because in those last seconds she could turn around and see once more the face she would never see again.

Each moment is unique, and that idea can produce vertigo.

47. It was easy, after all, to simply open the door and escape. It was easy, he thought because he was not really escaping at all.

The simple fact of moving does not have to mean that we move away from what we want to avoid.

48. I do not get melancholy, “he protested, but again there was a thin layer of ice under his feet, made of uncertainties. Or was it that she always wanted a little more than she had, however much she had?

About the vulnerability

49. I think that there is a specific reason for each friendship just as there is a reason for certain atoms to join and others not, in one case there are missing factors that are present in the other.

What unites two people does not escape the laws of nature.

50. But even that question was not clear enough. Maybe after all it was a statement: I do not want to die yet without knowing you.

There are experiences that can complete a life.

51. I want the sun to fall on my head like musical choirs. I imagine a sun like Beethoven, a wind like Debussy, and birdsong like Stravinski. But the rhythm is totally mine.

Ideas that carry a great energy with them.

52. The hopelessness that completely impregnated the end of his life.

For some people, aging means seeing how their options are reduced.

53. It was hot. The stove hissed. The room smelled of garlic and the typical rancidity of old age, medicines and the peculiar metallic smell of Mrs. Robichek herself ….

A description that expresses decadence and decrepitude.

54. His laughter was a more beautiful sound than music.

A typical aspect to appreciate of the person that attracts us is laughter.

55. What she felt for Carol was almost love, but Carol was a woman. Not that it was crazy, it was happiness.

Social norms can make certain forms of affection seen as forbidden.

56. (…) Carol seemed to know Chicago as well as Manhattan. He showed him the famous neighborhood of the Loop, and they stopped for a while to look at the trains and the traffic jam at five-thirty in the afternoon. It could not be compared to the madness that was New York at the same time.

About the chaotic character of large cities.

57. Happiness was a bit like flying, he thought, like being a kite. It depended on how much rope was released …

Freedom and happiness are very related concepts.

58. Happiness was like a green ivy that stretched across her skin, lengthening delicate tendrils, carrying flowers through her body.

A description that expresses the sensitivity of happiness.

59. I know what they would like, a void they could fill. A person with ideas of their own bothers them terribly.

The search for dependents attracts some people prone to generate toxic relationships.

60. His life was a series of zigzags. At nineteen I was full of anxiety.

Uncertainty has psychological effects.

61. Once again Therese received the faintly sweet smell of her perfume, an odor that suggested a dark green silk that looked like her, like the scent of a special flower.

Description that gives an idea of ​​what people with synesthesia experience.

62. I feel like I’m in a desert with outstretched hands and you’re raining on me.

A powerful metaphor.

63. Friendships are the result of certain needs that can be completely hidden for both people, sometimes even forever.

One of Patricia Highsmith quotes about friendship.

64. He tried to maintain a firm tone, but it was pretense, like pretending self-control when someone you love is dead before your eyes.

A very crude way of expressing a mental state.

65. Is there anything more boring than the history of the past? Maybe a future without history.

It is necessary to know where you are coming from to understand what is happening.

66. The feeling that everyone was cut off from others and living on a totally wrong level, so that the meaning, the message, the love or whatever contained each life, never found its true expression.

The lack of communication can create seemingly parallel realities.

67. Even the pearl that hung from the lobe of his ear seemed alive, like a drop of water capable of vanishing with a light touch.

The association with objects can convey the character of a literary character.

68. I felt that she was not and could never be the girl he would have wanted, a girl who loved him passionately and wanted to go to Europe with him.

Sometimes, only chemistry is missing between two people.

69. Fever stimulates the imagination.

The strong sensations lead us to generate a rich imagery.

70. Obsessions are the only thing that matters.

A way to see life in which the emotional is in the center.

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