70 best Quotes to motivate employees to work hard

70 best Quotes to motivate employees to work hard

Here you have great famous quotes from the workplace and professional to motivate employees to work hard.

Quotes to motivate employees to work hard

Work is a very important facet in our lives. Our professional development is intimately linked to our self-concept, and having a good climate in the workplace makes us valued and motivated.

However, all work is linked to effort and the ability to excel. In a world where resources are limited, training in productive areas is almost the only way to build a better future.

Quotes to motivate employees to work hard

In today’s article, we will discover different visions about Quotes to motivate employees to work hard.

There are many thinkers, philosophers, and sociologists who have written about the benefits and shortcomings of the labor system: here is a good collection of these ideas.

1. See if the work will be bad, that they should pay you to do it. (Facundo Cabral)

An ironic look at the yoke linked to labor responsibility.

2. I work quickly to live slowly. (Montserrat Caballe)

The Catalan soprano singer talks about the ultimate purpose of the effort.

3. Work on something, so that the devil finds you always busy. (St Geronimo)

Christian phrase that can be understood metaphorically.

4. The most productive work is that which comes out of the hands of a happy man. (Victor Pauchet)

Having a motivated team is one of the keys that all entrepreneurs should know.

5. It is not enough to work, it is necessary to exhaust yourself every day at work. (Auguste Rodin)

The daily effort is what raises immense projects.

6. If the whole year were partying, having fun would be more boring than work. (William Shakespeare)

On leisure, the more loved the more coveted. William Shakespeare quotes on love and life

7. Some say that hard work has not killed anyone, but I tell myself why risk it? (Ronald Reagan)

Loose phrase.

8. More I trust in work than in luck. (Latin proverb)

Luck does not come alone; You must catch yourself working hard.

9. Work! If you do not need it to feed yourself, you need it as medicine. (William Penn)

The benefits of working are not limited to the economic.

10. The horizon is black, the storm threatens; let’s work This is the only remedy for the evil of the century. (André Maurois)

Not giving in to pessimism is the best antidote for a decadent life.

Motivational quotes for employee appreciation

11. Through work, it has been like the woman has been able to cross the distance that separates her from man. Work is the only thing that can guarantee complete freedom. (Simone de Beauvoir)

A feminist vision of the work environment.

12. Choose a job that you like and you will not have to work even one day of your life. (Confucius)

One of the most repeated and famous Quotes to motivate employees to work hard.

13. Pray as if everything depended on God. Work as if everything depended on you. (San Agustin)

Great reflection to keep going (if you are a believer).

14. You never realize what you have done; you can only see what remains to be done. (Marie Curie)

Phrase of a constant and persevering scientist.

15. Workers remain the poor relative of democracy. (Marcelino Camacho)

This Spanish trade unionist reflected on the identity of the working class.

16. Work and struggle always call the best. (Seneca)

An honor reserved for the strong mentally and physically.

17. Work consists of what an organism is obliged to do; the game consists of what an organism is not obliged to do. (Mark Twain)

Obligation and devotion, according to the author of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.

18. The brain is a wonderful organ. Start working as soon as you get up and do not stop working until you enter the office. (Robert Frost)

Funny phrase that reveals what many bad employees often do.

19. Work is the refuge of those who have nothing to do. ( Oscar Wilde )

A paradoxical look on the eagerness to advance work. Read more best Oscar Wilde quotes.

20. Work always sweetens life, but sweets do not like everyone. (Victor Hugo)

Not everyone is capable of appreciating what a good job brings them.

21. He did much that left nothing for tomorrow. (Baltasar Gracian)

Not procrastinating is the key to progress towards progress.

22. Find happiness at work or you will not be happy. (Christopher Columbus)

Since we must spend many hours there, it is better to find the positive part.

23. Only fools are satisfied and confident with the quality of their work. (Mercedes Milá)

On the habit of overcoming each step and not conforming.

24. Work done with taste and love is always an original and unique creation. (Roberto Sapriza)

Creativity is born of love for the work itself.

25. All people are willing to work creatively. What happens is that most people never notice it. (Truman Capote)

It’s just a matter of looking for it firmly.

26. Work on preventing crimes so as not to need punishment. (Confucius)

Another phrase of the oriental thinker.

27. Work without haste is the greatest rest for the organism. (Gregorio Marañón)

Being able to dose is always a reason for satisfaction.

28. Working with love is to build a house with love, as if your loved one were to live in that house. (Khalil Gibran)

The care in the small details makes the difference.

29. I can not stop working. I will have all eternity to rest. ( Mother Teresa of Calcutta )

Sacrificed way of life.

30. Something bad must have the job, or the rich would already have monopolized it. (Mario Moreno, “Cantinflas”)

The Mexican humorist thus ironized with the defects of work.

31. There is no secret to success. It is the result of preparation, work and learning from failure. (Colin Powell)

The American politician gives us a guide to succeed.

32. It is difficult to beat a person who never gives up. (Babe Ruth)

Simple but effective: always stand up, giving your maximum potential.

33. There is no substitute for hard work. (Thomas Edison)

Either it is carried out, or not. And the fruits are never the same.

34. Do not want things to be easier, you want to be better. (Jim Rohn)

Do not expect the world to ally to make things easy for you, this does not work like that.

35. The only thing that overcomes bad luck is hard work. (Harry Golden)

Bad luck does not exist if you always give your best version.

36. Paul and I never thought we could make so much money from this. We just loved writing software. (Bill Gates)

If you keep working on what you love, little by little the benefits will accumulate. From the creator of Microsoft and Windows.

37. Everything yields to diligence. (Thomas Jefferson)

Agility is always a great ally when it comes to doing business.

38. Let me tell you the secret that has led me to my goal. My strength rests solely on my tenacity. (Louis Pasteur)

Perseverance. There is no other secret to success.

39. I hope that the millions of people I have touched have the optimism and desire to share their goals and hard work and persevere with a positive attitude. ( Michael Jordan )

The best basketball player of all time looked at life with this optimistic attitude.

40. Let the future tell the truth and evaluate each one according to their work and achievements. The present is theirs; the future, for which I have really worked, is mine. (Nicholas Tesla)

The inventor knew the benefits of continuing to invest in research.

41. Start doing what is necessary, then what is possible and suddenly you will be doing the impossible. (San Francisco de Asis)

A great lesson to undertake great projects.

42. All happiness depends on courage and work. (Honoré de Balzac)

That’s right, do not skimp on effort.

43. No man should be forced to do the work that a machine can do. (Henry Ford)

A futuristic vision, but that is already a reality.

44. Contemplating how others work is a very healthy way of loving work. (Noel Clarasó)

Ironic sentence: when others suffer, our vision is biased.

45. Giving a child a thousand ounces of gold is not comparable to teaching him a good trade. ( Chinese Proverb )

Oriental education that we should apply to the education of children.

46. ​​Rest belongs to work as the eyelids to the eyes. (Rabindranath Tagore)

Excellent metaphor with a deep meaning.

47. Work prevents and cures all diseases of the soul; He is the great comforter, the great doctor. (Émile Deschanel)

On its healing effects.

48. Do two jobs is the best means of both going bad. (Jean-Jacques Rousseau)

The French illustrate knew that concentrating efforts on a single project is the most sensible and effective.

49. The essential condition of human happiness is work. (Leon Tolstoy)

Without work, it is difficult for a person to be realized.

50. Who does not work does not rest. (Thomas Carlyle)

Without a face, there is no cross.

51. Work as if you had to live forever, and eat as if you had to die tomorrow. (Arabic proverb)

A way to live life to the limit.

52. A man is not poor because he has nothing, but when he does not work. (Montesquieu)

A phrase that exalts the daily effort.

53. Without work there is no rest. Those who just want to rest, how much they work to get it! (Constancio Vigil)

Reflection not to rest on your laurels.

54. If you respect the importance of your work, it will probably return the favor. (Joseph Turner)

Who gives the best of himself during a good lapse of time … possibly will be rewarded.

55. There is no bad work, the bad thing is having to work (Don Ramón, from the El Chavo del Ocho series)

Great phrase from the mythical comic character.

56. The gods help men who help themselves, and this is through work. (Virgil)

If you do not help yourself, do not expect anyone’s favor.

57. The more you earn, the more you estimate. ( Aristotle )

The value of things, based on the effort invested.

58. Things would go better if everyone was limited to practicing the trade that is known to him. ( Plato )

Venturing into unexplored terrain is not always positive, according to Plato.

59. Be entrusted with your trade, no matter how small, and rest in it. (Marco Aurelio)

Perfect reflection

60. In the furrow of the plow man buries his vices. (Victor Hugo)

Brutal metaphor that teaches us that work overcomes all defects and bad habits.

61. In every time and place we see that two men of the same profession never agree. (John Gay)

You can live in the same union with diametrically opposed ideas.

62. Work has, among other advantages, that of shortening days and prolonging life. (Denis Diderot)

Paradox to reflect.

63. Heavy work is usually the accumulation of light tasks that were not done in time. (Henry Cooke)

On procrastination and its undesired effects.

64. When work is a pleasure, life is beautiful. But when it is imposed on us, life is a bondage. (Maximum Gorky)

A huge difference.

65. The best remedy against all evils is work. (Charles Baudelaire)

The French writer, on the “medicinal” properties of the effort.

66. Working costs, but it costs more not to work. (Tonino Licciardello)

There is no worse life than that of someone who aspires to do nothing.

67. Man finds his enjoyment in eating, in the act of reproducing, in dressing, when he can, in sum, in his animal part, but not in what differentiates him from these: in work. (Karl Marx)

Interesting reflection of the communist theorist.

68. Blissful is one who has a profession that matches his hobby. (George Bernard Shaw)

In line with many other work phrases already discussed.

69. Give the worker his salary before the sweat has dried on his forehead. (Muhammad)

A positive reinforcement in time is always welcome.

70. Always look for a task; When you have it, do not think about anything other than doing it right. ( Tales of Miletus )

On the search for excellence.

I hope that you guys like these 70 Quotes to motivate employees to work hard. Read more quotes on our blog and please don’t forget to share with your friends. Thanks for reading.

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