Happy birthday Wishes Message

71 Happy birthday Wishes Message original congratulations


Happy birthday Wishes Message: It’s a special day but, recognize it, when it’s time to sign the greeting card or send a Whats App you never know what to put. We remedy that with the best congratulations

Happy birthday Wishes Message
Happy birthday Wishes Message to congratulate the birthday to your friends and family (iStock)

The birthday is a very special day for all. It is not celebrated every day that 365 days of life have been passed (XD). Therefore, friends, family and loved ones want to share with those closest to them the anniversary of that person for whom they feel so much affection and are encouraged to buy gifts to celebrate it.

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Among them, there is no shortage of greeting cards, whose writing is not always easy: the dedication that is included tests the originality of our neurons and is not always correct. We collecting 71 Happy birthday Wishes Message to congratulates the birthday that will get you out of step.

Happy birthday Wishes Message

The most important thing is that the message you send (in dedication, WhatsApp or SMS) is original, with feeling and that impacts your receiver, so that it is not left in broken bag and remember it year after year.

1. In each leg or in each ham, but how good the years that we have and still have left. Congratulations!

2. Be bad for a good day! May all your dreams be fulfilled in this new stage that you begin.

3. They say that among friends, sincerity should prevail. Do not get bitter, but … you’re getting old . May you fulfill many more, grandfather!

4. Remember that when you are asked how old you are, you can always answer: “18”. You really have 18 … and 32 experience. Congratulations! – Example put for a person who turns 50 years old.

5. You have turned so many years that you do not know what face of circumstance to put as they sing you the ‘happy birthday’. This year I will be good and I will change this hit hit for your favorite song. Prepare the umbrella, that with how well I sing it is possible for it to rain. Congratulations!

6. Congratulations!! You have one year less to stop supporting your mother-in-law.

7. Fun and geek: If you meet ‘is’, the party ‘is coming’.

8. Happy birthday but, did not you have enough already last year?

9. Happy birthday, but you should know that collecting years is only important if you are a wine.

10. Fulfilling years has a disadvantage and an advantage: you do not see the letters up close, but you see the idiots from afar.

11. The ‘taitantos’ you feel great.

12. You get old … do I pity you or I applaud you?

13. Great, a year closer to death. Happy birthday Wishes Message

14. Congratulations, you are great and you without knowing!

15. It is your birthday? Well, sheet metal and paint and ready for adventure!

16. Time passes … and it works wonders on you!

17. Fill them the years you meet, they are the new 30, congratulations!

18. Congratulations, be optimistic, next year will be worse …

19. Happy birthday, laugh and smile while you can, that your teeth have an expiration date

20. Meet the years you want, but do not pretend to follow your example, I am young.

Such a day as today, your mother, in collaboration with an electric company, gave birth. Shine!

Birthday Wishes for the most sentimental

May life give you as much happiness as you have given me. Happy Birthday!

If you had any doubt about if you would remember the birthday date, here is the answer. How could I miss the day a person so special to me came to the world ?

If it’s your birthday, why do I have the gift? Thank you for giving me another year of life by your side.

Imagine how important you are in my life that your birthday is marked as festive in my calendar. Congratulations!

May the new year you begin be as full of joy and happiness as I wish you. May you fulfill many more!

If my hand were a pen and my heart ink, with the blood of my veins I would write a ¡Te quiero, amig @!

Congratulations to you and me, for having you every day by my side!

Birthday messages for the most classic

I already know that words can not substitute a hug, but they serve to send you my best wishes for your birthday. Congratulations on your day!

That this card serves as a transmitter of all the good wishes that I send you for the new year that you face. Happy Birthday!

I wish you a year full of minutes of love, happiness and joy . Happy Birthday.

I hope that this new year in your life is better than the previous one and that all your dreams come true. Happy birthday with all my heart!

May happiness and love always accompany you. May all your wishes come true . Happy Birthday.

May this special day be for you the beginning of another year of happiness . Happy Birthday!

All the happiness of the world for this new year that opens before your eyes. Enjoy everything you can!

Let’s provide for one more year we can toast together and celebrate your birthday. For a whole other life!

Happy birthday, I chupate the nose and if you do not suck it, I got a sock.

Happy birthday Wishes Message for best friends

The family is composed of those beings that one has chosen as such. You’ve been in mine for years even though we did not sign with the same last name . Happy Birthday brother!

A well-lived today with you makes every yesterday a happy memory and every morning a new hope . Happy Birthday friend!

Birthdays come and go. But unforgettable people remain in the heart forever. Happy Birthday.

For having the ability to surprise me, to cheer me up, to get a smile when I’m sad and many other things, I love you. Happy Birthday!

One more year, one year less, the important thing is that we enjoy it . Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to that special person who has always been by my side to share the good and the less good things in life. Have a great day.

I do not know how long ago I’ve known you, but any number seems small: I have the feeling of being born with you . Happy birthday, chosen brother!

We have spent a thousand and one parties together, we have laughed until weeping and we have cried to laugh. What are you waiting for to keep giving me moments by your side? Happy Birthday!

Most original Happy birthday Wishes Message

To celebrate your birthday I had thought of a Caribbean cruise. Would you mind watering the plants until I return? Happy Birthday!

Japi berdei tu yu. I hope that your English classes are paying off and you know how to decipher my message. May you fulfill many more!

This year I decided to do a good work instead of buying a gift … I’m doing it: this morning I have breakfast your favorite bun in your honor. Happy Birthday

If I do not give you anything this year do not get offended, I’m saving for the next one. Happy Birthday!

One look, two steps, three words, four caresses, five sighs, six emotions, seven kisses, eight dreams, nine promises … and so on to infinity . Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday! I congratulate you for being so mature, so sophisticated and so profound as to give importance to such superficial and material things … as gifts.

Enjoy, friend, you ‘ll never be so young again !

Have a horrible day, full of crying and bad times. Not … what a joke. I just pretended to be original and sure that nobody had wanted a happy birthday in this way. Let’s have fun!

Happy birthday Wishes Message for the ‘wicked’

I thought about giving you a dye for your new gray hair, but I was told in the store that they did not sell the product by liters . Have fun!

May the years not make you older, but wiser . Happy Birthday!

Have fun on your birthday, because you’ll never be so young again. But be careful, because you’ve never been so old . Happy Birthday.

I’m celebrating your birthday! You should also do it.

There’s no need to hide , it’s just another year. Happy Birthday

What happens for another year ? Next year will be worse.

At certain ages, the birthday should not be a reason to congratulate . Have fun, old people!

A year less so that they start to get gray hair ! Cheer up!

Birthday wishes for the most erudite

“When they tell me that I am too old to do something, I try to do it right away”. ( Pablo Picasso , Spanish artist)

“What matters is not how many years you accumulate in life but how much life has accumulated in those years”. ( Abraham Lincoln , president of the USA)

“In childhood we want to be older, when we grow old we want to be children again, everything would be splendid if we did not have to celebrate the birthday in chronological order”. ( Robert Orben , American comedy writer)

“Birthdays are very good for your health, statistics show that those who have more birthdays are the ones who live the most”. ( Larry Lorenzoni , Salesian priest)

“Only a madman celebrates his birthday”. ( George Bernard Shaw , Irish writer)

“The forty is the mature age of youth, the fifty the youth of mature age.” ( Victor Hugo , French poet, dramatist and romantic novelist)

“The more you honor and celebrate your life, the more you will find in it to celebrate” (Oprah Winfrey, American presenter)

“It takes a long time to grow young” (Pablo Picasso, Spanish artist)

Happy birthday Wishes Message for your sister

“Though argue sometimes we may fight we are sisters, and that’s what makes us such a special and beautiful relationship I hope that this day is very special for you and. You enjoy with your friends and your family who loves you the start of your new year. Congratulations! “

“On a day as radiant as today the sun rises to give us the signal that your birthday has begun, I hope you have a great day in the company of your loved ones, sister , and that we can see each other as soon as possible. “

“Do you remember when we went out together as sisters to take a bicycle ride looking for adventures? I remember it as if it were yesterday and that having a sister like you is priceless, I give thanks for that every day.

“You know that as a big sister you have always been my support and my main pillar and for that I am very grateful to you, I will never forget everything you have done for me. Happy birthday.”

“Sister, although I do not tell you very often, you know that I love you very much and that you are an essential person in my life, for this reason I want to wish you a very happy birthday on a special day like today. of what you do to me and that all your wishes are fulfilled “

Happy birthday Wishes Message for your mother

“I know I’m telling you a thousand times a year, but I need to tell you again , you’re the best mother in the world, there’s not another half as good as you, congratulations mom.”

“Your love and your tenderness to your loved ones has helped us to be what we are, you are the pride of the family and the wheel that moves our lives, we love you with madness.

“Congratulations to the best mom in the world, thank you for being as beautiful as you are, happy birthday.”

“Today is one of the most special days of the year for me, Mom, your birthday, I wish you a great day and I hope you have everything you want on this special day.”

“Mom, I have to thank you for my existence and have been in the good times and the bad ones, for this reason I need you to know that you are the inspiration that moves my world and that I wish you have the day you deserve.

Happy birthday Wishes Message for your cousin

“Prima, despite the fact that it is years old, as you can see, it does not matter because we do it together , and we have fun! Congratulations, cousin, I wish you many years of health and laughter at my side.”

” How proud I am to be present in another of your birthdays , for me, one of the most fun of the year! I hope to always be in them since that would mean that we remain together being the best friends. !

“Although today I can not be by your side to blow your candles, do not suffer, think that at that precise moment I will be thinking of you and that from a distance I will blow with you each and every one of the candles on the cake. With all my heart, congratulations.

“Sometimes it is difficult to find the appropriate words to congratulate a cousin as great as you, but if there is something I know you are my favorite cousin and that you deserve the best birthday you have ever had. Congratulations!

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