Good Friday 2019 quotes, images, and Wishes

Good Friday 2019 quotes, images, and Wishes

In this article, we bring good Friday 2019 inspirational quotes and images and wishes.

Good Friday 2019 quotes images

Good Friday – Friday on the eve of Easter Sunday, when Christians remember the day of the crucifixion of Jesus.

The date of Holy Friday changes from year to year.

We will never know the date of the first Holy Friday, but many scientists believe that this event took place on April 7 in 30 AD (Anno Domini – AD). If they are right, then the calendar is wrong for 3 years.

The Anglo-Saxon name for Holy Friday (Good Friday) was “Long Friday” because of the hard fast imposed on this day and seems so long. On this day Jesus was crucified on the cross and died in atonement for our sins.

Good Friday is a legal holiday in most of the countries. This means that many institutions and companies do not work. Special three-hour services and prayers take place in the churches, especially at 3 pm, which is considered the hour of Jesus’ death. Some churches have dramatic readings. Churches are not decorated on Holy Friday, it is a day of sorrow.

Traditionally, they eat hot cross buns – warm buns with the image of a cross, sweet and fragrant. There is even a special “hot cross buns” ceremony. They also traditionally eat fish instead of meat on this day.

A child born on Good Friday or Easter Sunday is endowed with invulnerability.

Many fishermen do not go to sea on Good Friday. On this day, do not work in the field or garden.

A bun soaked in milk, baked on Holy Friday treats an upset stomach. Bread and oven made this day do not get stale. Hardened bun with Holy Friday will save the house from fire.

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Good Friday 2019 Inspirtational Quotes

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1. “We may say that on the first Good Friday afternoon was completed that great act by which light conquered darkness and goodness conquered sin. That is the wonder of our Saviour’s crucifixion.” ~ Phillips Brooks

2. “Good Friday marks the slaying of our Jesus, The unblemished lamb, the perfect sacrifice. He took our guilt and blamed upon Himself.” ~ Unknown
“I believe in person to person. Every person is Christ to me, and since there is only one Jesus, that person is the one person in the world at that moment. ~ Mother Teresa

3. “Death is the justification of all the ways of the Christian, the last end of all his sacrifices, the touch of the Great Master which completes the picture.” ~ Madame Anne Sophie Swetchine

4. “A man who was completely innocent offered himself as a sacrifice for the good of others, including his enemies, and became the ransom of the world. It was a perfect act.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

5. “The cross of Christ shows us that God’s love is of deepest descent… universal distribution… and of eternal duration.” ~ Dr. Fred Barlow
“Good Friday… The Way of the Cross. Fasting and abstinence…. Examine conscience. Have a really blessed day.” ~ Unknown

6. “The way of the cross is the way of suffering. Christians are called to die, not kill, in order to show the world how they are loved by Christ.” ~ John Piper

7. “The marvel of heaven and earth, of time and eternity, is the atoning death of Jesus Christ. This is the mystery that brings more glory to God than all creation.” ~ C. H. Spurgeon

8. “The marvel of heaven and earth, of time and eternity, is the atoning death of Jesus Christ. This is the mystery that brings more glory to God than all creation.” ~ Charles Spurgeon

have a good friday quotes 2019

Have a Good Friday 2019 quotes

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  1. Exalt the Cross! God has hung the destiny of the race upon it. Other things we may do in the realm of ethics, and on the lines of philanthropic reforms; but our main duty converges into setting that one glorious beacon of salvation, Calvary’s Cross, before the gaze of every immortal soul. Theodore Ledyard Cuyler
  2. It is the resurrection that makes Good Friday good. “Ravi Zacharias
  3. He drained the cup of God’s wrath bone dry, leaving not a drop for us to drink. Ricard Allen Bodey
  4. What is good about Good Friday? Why isn’t it called Bad Friday? Because out of the appallingly bad came what was inexpressibly good. And the good trumps the bad, because though the bad was temporary, the good is eternal. Randy Alcorn
  5. Practice mercy and forgiveness throughout as a lesson that symbolizes the love shown through his crucifixion.
    Unarine Ramaru
  6. The Cross! There, and there only through the deist rave, and the atheist, if Earth bears so base a slave; There and there only, is the power to save. William Cowper
  7. Good Friday is a day of sorrow mingled with joy. It is a time to grieve over the sin of man and to meditate and rejoice upon God’s love in giving His only Son for the redemption of sin. David Katski
  8. Good Friday is a day of hope. It is a day where we look forward to a brighter tomorrow. Many things have happened to change the course of our lives, but it has not shaken our faith. Rev Dr. Peola Hicks
  9. Unless there is a Good Friday in your life, there can be no Easter Sunday. Fulton J. Sheen
  10. We do not attach any intrinsic value to the Cross; this would be sinful and idolatrous. Our generation is referred to Him who died upon it. James Gibbons
  11. Good Friday and Easter free us to think about other things far beyond our own personal fate, about the ultimate meaning of all life, suffering, and events; and we lay hold of great hope. Dietrich Bonhoeffer
  12. The Cross was the manifestation of Divine love without reserve or limit, but it was also the expression of man’s unutterable malignity. Sir Robert Anderson
  13. Our Lord has written the promise of the resurrection, not in books alone but in every leaf in springtime.Martin Luther
  14. At Sussex, the Devil carried off, last Good Friday, three grooms who had devoted themselves to him. Martin Luther

good Friday 2019 images with quotes

good Friday 2019 images with quotes

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