25 Famous Robert de Niro quotes

25 Famous Robert de Niro quotes

A compilation of the famous best-known quotes of the exceptional actor Robert De Niro Quotes from New York.

Famous Robert de Niro quotes

To speak of Robert De Niro (1943) is to speak of one of the most prolific and multifaceted actors of the last forty years. Born in New York, De Niro has been the protagonist of unforgettable films, such as Taxi Driver (1976), The Godfather Part II(1974) or Raging Bull(1980).

His career has been marked by his peculiar association with Martin Scorsese. This director, along with Brian De Palma, has positively marked his acting career.

Famous quotes by Robert De Niro

Known as much for his mythical interpretations of characters of the most varied, De Niro is, perhaps, one of the actors with a career more acclaimed in our time.

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In this article, we are going to know the famous quotes of Robert De Niro, extracted from many of his films but also from interviews in which he shows his most human side.

1. We all pay a price for the actions we have done in the past, but when has it been enough? (Condemned)

The price is usually a difficult stone to overcome. A mortgage for life.

2. Always have to hunt the piece with a single bullet. Doing it with two is a fudge. I always tell everyone, but nobody listens to me. (The hunter)

A metaphor that we can apply to any facet of life, not just hunting.

3. A guy in my position should always have a lot of money in hand, the polis smeared and the bullies, who do not accept checks. (Casino)

The law of the street, extracted from one of its most blockbuster films.

4. In a casino the first rule is to make them play incessantly and get them back. The more time they play, the more money they lose, and in the end we keep everything. (Casino)

On the predatory mentality of the owners of the betting rooms.

5. If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. If not, you are just part of the landscape. (Ronin)

A sentence that can be applied to different spheres of business, criminal and police life.

6. What were we going to paint in the middle of a desert? The only reason is money. That is the end result of the neon lights and the offers of the travel agencies, of all the champagne, of the free hotel suites, of the whores and the alcohol. Everything is organized just for us to take your money. We are the only ones who win, the players have no chance. (Casino)

Another reflection on the casinos and the way in which customers are only prey to a (almost) perfect system to empty their pockets.

7. The desert seemed a disturbing place, you could not know who was buried there. (Casino)

Certainly, the miles and miles of sand are a perfect hiding place for any corpse that should be hidden.

8. Lawyer? Lawyer? Are you there? Sal ratita, I want to see your tail… (The Cape of Fear)

Famous quotes by Robert De Niro in his role as Max Cady, a psychopathic criminal who persecutes the lawyer who left him lying in a trial that cost him a jail sentence.

9. I am like God and God is like me, I am as big as God, he is the same size as me, he is not above me, nor am I below him… (The end of fear)

From the same film as the previous sentence, in this case Max Cady shows off his delirium of greatness.

10. I have an old-fashioned mind about honor: ‘an eye for an eye’ and things like that. (The angel’s heart)

Honor or resentment? In any case, another film in which Robert De Niro plays a bad boy.

11. There are three ways of doing things: the right one, the wrong one, and mine. (Casino)

On the particular ethics of bookmakers.

12. Give a stage to this bull where he can demonstrate his bravery because although mine is to fight more I would like to recite… This is a spectacle. (Wild bull)

Playing a stubborn and brave boxer.

13. The difference between me and the preacher is that the preacher works for God… and I am God. (Men of Honor)

Another character characterized by his grandiloquence and his narcissistic spirit.

14. I would like to feel them vibrate when they hear me recite Shakespeare. A horse, my kingdom for a horse, I have not won a bet for six months. (Wild bull)

Boxer and poet: two sides of the same coin?

15. Do not attach yourself to anything that you can not leave in less than 30 seconds when the cop is on your heels. (Heat)

One of the laws of criminal gangs.

16. If there is doubt, it is that there is no doubt. (Heat)

Curious quotes by Robert De Niro that can motivate us to take action.

17. There is no one else here… Are you talking to me? (Taxi Driver)

Before the mirror, the deranged taxi driver kept this hypothetical conversation.

18. Loneliness has always haunted me. Everywhere. In bars and in cars, streets, shops… everywhere. I have no escape. I am the solitary man of God. (Taxi Driver)

A gray taxi driver reflecting on his existence before moving on to action.

19. By the way… if talking to you I become a fag, I will kill you. (A dangerous therapy)

An ironic phrase in his role as a patient fresh out of prison.

20. They call it 6 pesetas because it goes hard. (A dangerous therapy)

Of the same movie as the previous one, in this case he ironizes about an overly boastful guy.

21. Look at the trunk of this car, it’s huge, it can fit 2 or 3 corpses. (A dangerous therapy)

Always faithful to black humor.

20. You get further with a kind word and a gun, then just a kind word. (The Untouchables of Elliot Ness)

Perhaps the quote of Robert De Niro that best defines his interpretive career: a mixture of black humor and criminal spirit.

23. At night, people come from all classes. Sluts, thugs, thieves, drug dealers… Someday a rain will come that will clean the streets of this crap. (Taxi Driver)

A final reflection on the decline of New York.

24. According to a recent survey, women claim to feel more comfortable undressing in front of men than in front of women. They say that they become too critical; while we men, of course, simply become grateful.

Extracted from a recent interview, she talks about women’s fear of being judged by other women.

25. It is said that there is not enough religion for people to love each other, but for them to hate each other. (The angel’s heart)

Another quote of De Niro that helps us reflect on our beliefs.

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