41 Famous quotes about education and knowledge

41 Famous quotes about education and knowledge

Famous quotes about education and knowledge from diverse authors that help us understand education and learning.

Famous quotes about education and knowledge
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The pedagogy is one of the foundations of our society. Therefore we present a juicy collection of famous quotes about education and knowledge.

Education is the theoretical-practical procedure by which a person acquires habits, methods, skills, beliefs and ethical principles in relation to certain knowledge. These pieces of knowledge are transferred and assimilated from generation to generation, throughout human history.

Why is education important?

Before jump into a collection of quotes about education, the first question is why is education important? Here, some of the keys that give you an idea.

  1. It enables us to live in society as well as for group coexistence through principles such as camaraderie and empathy, and practices such as collective cooperation.
  2. It helps us to have a greater imagination and creativity.
  3. Education is an elementary process in the correct structuring of the psyche, a key piece in cognitive and emotional maturation.
  4. Teaches ethical and moral values.

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Famous quotes about education and knowledge

Whether you are a teacher, parent or student, this post will help you to become aware and understand educational issues better. Do not miss it and read the complete collection of famous quotes about education and knowledge.

1. Common sense is not the result of education (Victor Hugo)

But without a doubt, education is a result of common sense. Do not forget that you pushed us to teach other people

quotes about education and knowledge
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2. It is the mark of a truly educated man to know what not to read (Ezra Taft Benson)

In a world where commercial literature floods the market, it is appropriate to have a good judgment about what should be read and what should not be read.

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3. The educator is the man who makes difficult things seem easy (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

That a student does not understand something does not have to be his responsibility, perhaps it is the educator’s fault that as an issue, he does not know how to express himself. Hence the importance of knowing how to communicate. Ralph Waldo Emerson, North American poet of the Transcendental movement.

4. Ignorance is the worst enemy of a people that wants to be free (Jonathan Hennessey)

Sometimes, our rulers close the keys to knowledge. What do they want us not to know?

5. It is almost impossible to become an educated person in a country so distrustful of the independent mind (James Baldwin)

Education should always encourage critical thinking of its own, but without falling into various dogmatisms.

6. Not all readers are leaders, but all readers become leaders (Harry S. Truman)

They say that knowledge is power. If you want to be a wise and complete leader, open yourself to the infinite doors of erudition. Sentence of Harry S. Truman, president of the USA

7. We often give children answers to remember instead of problems to solve (Roger Lewin)

The traditional educational model is based almost exclusively on memorizing without associating this knowledge with a why. Developing logic is important in turn to develop the so-called critical thinking. If we only rely on memory when it comes to learning, what would differentiate us from a USB device?

8. If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are willing to learn, no one can stop you

The culture in the western world is available to everyone, with its countless libraries, reading clubs, exchange or gift of books and of course, the Internet. If you do not want to read it is your responsibility and that of nobody else.

9. Education is the way, not the goal

You can not consider education as a fixed and unchanging goal over time, this should be a tool for change.

10. Learning is a treasure that follows its owner throughout life

In effect, the brain is very plastic; things that you think you did not remember suddenly remind you of the need to use that knowledge.

famous quotes on knowledge and education
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Famous Inspirational quotes on education and knowledge

1. Without education, you do not go anywhere in this world (Malcolm X)

Regulated education is an effective measure to promote social equality, as well as to reduce poverty and/or misery. Otherwise, a worker would not have the opportunity to change his status as a worker just because he was born in that social class.

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2. If a child can not learn the way we teach, perhaps we should teach how he learns

If an educational methodology does not work with a child, the logical thing is to try other methods. For example, in recent years more and more schools are emerging specifically for dyslexic children.

3. Education is not a problem, education is an opportunity

This quote about education is very substantial: education is not everything, but it is 50% of equal opportunities.

4. The best thing that a father can give his son is a good education.

A good father knows that education is not only given at school, but at home.

5. The biggest disadvantage you can have in your life is bad education

There is a direct correlation between the poorest countries and the literacy rate. It’s not by chance.

6. The educated man knows that education lasts a lifetime

Sometimes education is not only the compendium of knowledge you have but the desire to learn more and more. That is something that nobody will ever be able to take away, curiosity.

7. A good education not only has to teach how to read, but what is worth reading

In a world where commercial literature of dubious quality floods the market, it is essential to intuit, without prejudice, that it must be read and not read. We speak, then, of having criteria and good taste.

8. Long-term education is more valuable than money

Education opens the doors to a comfortable economic situation but also opens the door to other things. Improving the world with your knowledge should be the gift you give to humanity.

9. The difference between a country that gives good education and one that is not as big as that of countries of different centuries

For example, the Nordic countries, which are socially very advanced, are those that also have a better educational system.

10. If you want to take advantage in life, start by working your education

Education has always been associated with elegance and good work. The more you know, the better image you will have.

Quotes about education and knowledge
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Quotes about education and knowledge

1. Your bookstore is your paradise (Desiderius Erasmus)

Who has not been fascinated by the huge number of books in a bookstore or a library? Apparently, the humanist philosopher Erasmus of Rotterdam was thrilled at such a vision.

2. What the sculpture is to a block of marble, education is for the soul (Joseph Addison)

Education is an ideal instrument to enhance the cognitive abilities that we all undoubtedly harbor. Never stop learning!

3. Study without desire spoils the memory and retains nothing of what it takes (Leonardo da Vinci)

Without a doubt, we learn better and much more easily when we enjoy what we are studying. Otherwise, burn yourself in a matter of time. Our society should take note of the wise words of the Italian painter and philosopher Leonardo da Vinci.

4. Some people will never understand anything, because they understand everything too soon (Alexander Pope)

Intellectual pedantry, the belief that one knows everything, or that one is very sure of what one knows, is possibly one of the moral burdens associated with education. We would do well to banish this vice.

5. Man is what he reads (Joseph Brodsky)

If we are what we eat, why can not we be what we read?

6. If I started my studies again, I would follow Plato’s advice and start with mathematics (Galileo Galilei)

Mathematics is an adequate tool to develop logic in the minds of people, according to Plato and Galileo Galilei.

7. Education consists mainly of what we have unlearned (Mark Twain)

Having a selective memory and “forgetting” the knowledge that for us is irrelevant is also very important when it comes to acquiring new information.

8. Education is a better safeguard of freedom than a standing army (Edward Everett)

For Edward Everett education is key to preventing conflicts, both personal and social.

9. Life must be an incessant education (Gustave Flaubert)

We never stop learning, even indirectly. Gustave Flaubert, French novelist.

10. He who refuses to learn in his youth is lost in the past and is dead for the future (Euripides)

In line with the previous sentence, we will always have the capacity to learn and we will never lose it. However, it is also true that a key period to learn is childhood and adolescence, since children’s brains, as they grow, are a “sponge” that absorbs all knowledge and social value.

11. Education is not a substitute for intelligence (Frank Herbert)

Cognition is always a mixture of innate potential and acquired potential. Frank Herbert, science fiction writer and author of the famous novel, Dune.

Famous quotes about education, learning, and knowledge

I leave the educational best famous quotes about learning and knowledge for children, teenagers or adults-, who will support you and ignite your motivation to study when you have less strength and desire

Many high school or college students spend their stressed, anxious years studying and suffering much before, during and even after exams. They believe that it is the most important thing in life and they forget that there are much more important things.

Be aware of this, that studying is just part of life, and that there are more important things -such as health, relationships, family- will help you to feel more relaxed and you will even enjoy studying more.

Next, the sentences. It does not matter if you are young, adult, high school or prepare an opposition. I have compiled the messages and quotes that as a student will help you:

1. Live as if you were going to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever. Mahatma Gandhi.

2. Today a reader, tomorrow a leader. Margaret Fuller.

3. If you do not pursue what you want, you will never have it. If you do not go forward, you will always be in the same place. Nora Roberts.

4. Every achievement begins with the decision to try. -Gail Devers.

5. Successful and unsuccessful people do not very much in their abilities. They vary in their desire to reach their potential. John Maxwell.

6. There is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs.

7. There is no substitute for hard work. Thomas Edison.

8. To succeed, your desire to succeed should be greater than your fear of failure. Bill Cosby.

9. Believe in yourself and in what you are. Be aware that there is something inside you that is bigger than any obstacle. Christian D. Larson.

10. The best way to predict the future is to create it. Abraham Lincoln.

We will hope that you guys like this post on famous quotes about education and knowledge.

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