best Tattoo Quotes on the Back

55 best Tattoo Quotes on the Back

Quotes about love and Life

Do you want to get a tattoo quotes on the back? Doubts between a drawing of a landscape, a symbol that represents your personality, something more related to a relative or your pet or perhaps you are considering the possibility of opting for motivational quotes?

best Tattoo Quotes on the Back

If you are thinking about finding that combination of letters that will give you strength and inspiration for those days when you are most down, you are in luck! We have selected the 55 best tattoo quotes on the back. 

The best tatto quotes on your back

The tattoos on his back are often preferred by many women because they are an easy or hardcover (depending on the clothes you wear) and are less painful than those made in other parts of the body. Another advantage is that being a zone not very exposed, they get dirty little and do not require as many care as those of the hand, for example. 

If you decide on the back to get a tattoo and you already know that it will be a quote, we move on to the next phase: placement of the same. Under the neck? Horizontally or vertically? In the shoulder blade? You have a wide variety of possibilities, although perhaps before making the final decision it is better to choose your message and, depending on the extension, decide how it will be written. 

1. Love is the whole and more than all 

Love is everything. Without a doubt a quote that does not need any interpretation. If you are a romantic girl and believe that in the strength of love, this is your tattoo.

2. Destroy the mind, destroy the body, but never destroy your heart.

All a powerful quote that seeks to convey a clear message: guide yourself by your cuore, is what gives meaning to your life! 

3. A dream is a wish your heart makes 

A dream is a desire that makes the heart would be the translation of this quote that you can make yourself in the back simulating a heart. 

4. Love me for what I am  

With your virtues and your faults, you are like that and nothing and nobody can change you! If this is your philosophy of life, it is clear that this is one of the quotes you need to tattoo on the back

5. I bring your smile with me

Surely whoever reads this quote on your back will smile immediately. It is clear that transmits very good vibes. 

6. Now, I’am a warrior

“Now, I am a warrior.” Demi Lovato (photo gtres) is a lover of inspiring tattoos, those who have reminded you that, after a season where you have eaten the dust, you can resurface like the Phoenix.

7. You are my sunbeam 

Really a declaration of love for whoever you want: your son, your boyfriend, your partner … And you know the best? That as it does not have a name if, in the end, you change partners, it will serve you for the next one! 

8. Be Happy 

Be happy! If your biggest goal in life is to be happy … why not transmit that message to other people with a tattoo on their backs ? Ahead! 

9. There is always a hope 

“There’s always hope”. Tattoo this quotes on the back, and read it in those days when you see everything black and think that there is no exit at the end of the tunnel. 

10. Do not forget to love yourself 

“Let’s not forget to love yourself”. How are we going to be able to love others if we are unable to love ourselves? Only when you get to value yourself, can you do it with the rest. 

11. Because of my mother’s smile, worth a million

Many people get a tattoo to pay homage to someone very special. In fact, the tattoo that became fashionable a few decades ago is very mythical: Mother’s love. If you also want to tell your mom how much you love her, this quote will enchant you, and your mom much more.

12. Only God can judge me 

For people who are very religious, but who also hate when someone decides to question them for no apparent reason, there are also some quotes to tattoo on the back. “Only God can Judge Me”. Do you agree? 

13. Be yourself at all times and be happy 

A quote that, regardless of whether you choose to get a tattoo or not, you should follow strictly. After all, we all want to be happy, right? 

14. Luck favors powerful minds

Luck is an important factor for you to have a good life, but you can not base everything on fortune. Work your mind, join it with luck and life will smile on you. 

15. The sun always shines again in the clouds

When you are down because things have not gone as you thought, reread this quote. There is always light at the end of the tunnel!

16. Live with no regrets

Live without regretting because, as another famous quote says, repent of what you did but not of what you have not done.

17. We will die when we dream of leaving 

Dreams keep us alive and make every morning we have an illusion to get up and fight. 

18. Life is not about getting and having, it’s about giving and being

Life is not about arriving and ‘possessing’, it is about giving and being.

tattoo quotes on the back about life

English, Spanish or Latin, what language do you prefer to tune quotes on your back about life? There are quotes for all tastes and all of them hide a secret and an interpretation. Do you want to discover them?

19. V eni, vidi, vici

This quote in Latin is one of the favorites for lovers of tattoos to write on their skin. Its translation would be something like “I came, I saw and I conquered”, a quote pronounced by Julio Caesar in the Roman Senate after winning the battle of Zela. They tend to relate to those moments in which success is achieved quickly. 

20. I do not want more than my madness 

Because many times we lack insanity and we have sanity. Do you think that way too? 

21. The end depends on the principle

And is that many times how things end depends a lot on how they start, do not you think? 

22. Take these broken wings and learn to fly

Relax and let yourself go! Do you need help to get it? Take these broken wings and learn to fly, as this powerful quote says. 

23. If there is no love, there is nothing

Are you romantic? This quote will love you because only with love things are done well and when this is missing … almost better there is nothing! 

24. Compassion and courage 

Join these two concepts and you will have, not only a nice tattoo but also a motto in life. 

25. Life is verb

And what is a verb? An action or a movement, so, or you act, or your life will not make sense.

26. Laugh as much as you breathe. Love as long as you live

Many times with one sentence is not enough, why not do two, one on top of the other? “Laugh while you breathe, love while you live” can be a good combination. If at the end you add the drawing of a heart, you will have a round tattoo. 

27. Carpe Diem 

How many times have you seen this quote? And not only in the form of a tattoo but as a slogan on t-shirts, in advertising ads, painted on walls in the street … Take advantage of the moment! Because you only live once.

28. If vis amari, loves 

If you want to be loved, love. There are no words, no? Show love and affection and others will reciprocate with the same. 

29. Everything happens for a reason 

“Everything happens for some reason.” When you lose an opportunity in life, you will think that the world is over instead of believing that it has been the destiny that has prepared you something better. What if you accompany this quote with a tattoo of an arrow?

30. I want to do with you what spring does with my brain

If you are simply looking for a funny quote, this proposal will enchant you. You will stay with everyone who reads it! 

Tattoo quotes on the back about the strength

31. Hate with reasons 

Hate only brings bad things, so if you have that feeling, let it be justified. 

32. Life is a play that does not allow rehearsals, so live intensely every moment before the curtain falls and the work ends without applause

A quote that we could summarize with two Latin words of which we have spoken before: Carpe Diem

33. Everything flows, let’s go for more

A quote that can be accompanied by wings or birds as a symbol of personal growth. 

34. Success is the best revenge

A quote dedicated to all those people who only look for your bad. Because you do not need to plot big revenge for the enemy, simply with your triumph in life will be worth it to die of envy.  

35. It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are

It takes courage to become what you really are you would be the translation of this quote that serves to empower you in front of others. Because you are worth a lot! 

36. My life is my message

Mahatma Gandhi pronounced this quote that his translation would be “My life is my message”. What you do with it will be what you see and reach others. 

37. Never, never, never give up

Never, never, never give up… to tattoo this quote and read it every time you feel weak when you think that you can not do anything and you want to throw in the towel. If you write this tattoo on your skin, others will see you as a fighter.

38. Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me “(Only I can change my life, nobody can do it for me). 

You are the owner of your life. You are the only one who holds the key to happiness, does not depend on anyone else. You are powerful. Believe it and fight to get what you love; and if you have to change something, do it. And is that if you do not take any step forward, everything would remain the same. 

39. Semper ad meliora

As this quote in Latin says, there are always better things. Why not discover them and go for them? 

best tattoo quotes on the back

They are one of the favorite tattoos for many women.

40. Love yourself first

Selena Gomez has several tattoos for her body, all of them minimalist but with great content. One of the most striking is the one that was made in the ribs, an Arabic proverb that looks great and that we love for his message: love yourself first. 

41. When your heart releases, you will not fall into pieces

“When your heart is free, you will not fall to pieces.” Why live with fear and fear? Why be anguished with things that will happen, if at all, in the future? As this quote in English says, free your heart because only then can you stand firm.  

42. Imperfection is beauty. Madness is genius 

Because where some see defects, you see virtues. Imperfection is beauty and madness is great. From our favorites! 

43. She is art

Nobody despises you, because you are a valuable work of art. What if you make it clear with this quote tattooed on your back? Short, but direct.

44. Family, where life begins and love never ends 

What do your parents, your brothers, your grandparents or your children mean to you? If the family is everything in your life, this tattoo quote will enchant you because of the message it conveys. 

45. I do not mind living in a man’s world, as long as I can be a woman in it 

This quote by Marylin Monroe speaks of the empowerment of women and the need for no one to change you. If you also feel proud of being a woman, talk to your tattoo artist to write this sentence. 

46. If I would be born again, I would choose you again 

When you want someone you can tattoo their love. If you want it to be a message that remains between you, you have found the best quote for it! 

47. The only thing impossible is that which is not attempted 

Fight for what you want and you will have your reward. 

48. My father is my angel, my mother is my life 

They gave you life and to them, you have to be very grateful. What if you make a tribute to him tattooing this quote on the side of his back? 

49. And that tomorrow, what dreams come true at night 

Dreams are something more than dreams. They are wishes that we have that can come true, why not? Believe in them and you will reach them. 

50. With pain comes strength 

All experience, however bad it may be, has a teaching, even those with which we suffer the most. 

51. Be the change you wish to see in the world

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” Instead of demanding from others, why do not you start by trying to change things. You can become an example for the rest. 

52. I’m a slave to freedom

Everyone deserves to be free and not depend on anyone, because only then can the best decisions be made. 

53. Do not ever let me fall

That quote is for you, but also for that important person in your life, the one who supports you in those bad moments. 

54. I always imagined that paradise would be some kind of library

Lovers of  literature will identify with this quote. 

55. “Les défis: ils vous gardent jeunes” (Challenges keep you young)

Would you dare to make a tattoo in French? This quote, pronounced by the legendary Elvis Presley, never goes out of style and can accompany you in the best and worst moments of your life. Do you dare to tattoo it?

We hope that you guys like these 55 tattoo quotes on the back.

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