best philosophical quotes ever

66 best philosophical quotes ever

Quotes about love and Life

Some philosophers have left best philosophical quotes ever for history and therefore, we have decided to collect some of the best quotes said by famous philosophers.

best philosophical quotes ever

Be inspired by the words of philosophers, writers and other intellectuals, both men and women. No matter how long the years go by, their universal thoughts and conclusions are still valid. And, as you can learn from everything, we delve into some of the most interesting messages that have been formulated and that will make you reflect on the meaning of life.

Here you have the 66 best philosophical quotes ever and famous quotes in history. Enjoy them! We make a sweep of the different issues that matter most to the human being: happiness, time, love, friendship … That is, we talk and reflect on life.

66 best philosophical quotes ever

The meaning of life has been the main issue that has kept philosophers occupied throughout history. All the intellectuals have tried to answer their unknowns to find a way to give it a meaning.

1. Life is a dream. Awakening is what kills us

This wrenching quotes by Virginia Woolf is a cry of frustration at the outbursts of life. It escapes the current of positivism in which we have locked ourselves and that keeps us away from reality. Do you agree?

2. The man who moves mountains begins by removing pebbles

Many times, the key to success is to start with the smallest, for what we have at hand. This will allow you to gradually increase your goal to reach the highest of your possibilities. Pay attention to this sentence attributed to Confucius.

3. Life would be tragic if it were not funny

Stephen Hawking always had a very special way of looking at life. Despite all the suffering caused by the degenerative disease ELA, he managed to get the kindest face to life and this quote proves it.

4. Living without philosophizing is, properly, having your eyes closed without trying to open them ever

Descartes could not live without philosophizing, but you should not either. Reflecting on life to try to understand it is a necessity to be able to enjoy it. The problem comes in that too many times when we know it better we are more unhappy.

5. The least common in this world is to live. Most people exist, that’s all

This sentence belongs to Oscar Wilde and will help you to reflect on the need to stop surviving to start living. Worth it! Do you aim to start living life? Read here more Oscar Wilde best quotes.

Jean-Paul Sartre philosophical quotes

6. Man is condemned to be free

As you go from childhood to maturity you will understand better the true meaning of this quotes of Jean-Paul Sartre. According you are acquiring responsibilities and you have more free options, it is complicating the decision making. Sometimes, this freedom becomes a burden.

7. The worst fight is the one that is not done

Karl Marx was very clear about it: the worst fight is the one that is not fought. Therefore, we must take up arms and face all the injustices that get in our way.

8. I think of a rose. I think laughing is the best way to burn calories. I believe in kissing, in kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to go wrong. And I think happy girls are the most beautiful. I think tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles

These quotes of Audrey Hepburn constitute a whole statement for a way of life: that of being happy no matter how. In the days of low, remember these words of the actress and change your way of dealing with the day to day.

Greatest philosophical quotes ever

What should be our vital goal if it is not to be happier? For that reason, it has been a subject that has given much thought to the intellectuals of all times. We have collected some of the most important and best philosophical quotes of all time.

9. Useful is everything that gives us happiness

There are those who defend that it is necessary to remove from your way everything that can distract you from your goals. But with this phrase, Auguste Rodin proposes you to turn your reasoning around and begin to consider everything that makes you happy necessary. Even the smallest thing.

10. We all live with the goal of being happy; our lives are all different and yet the same

Despite her youth, Anna Frank left us some of the most interesting reflections on the meaning of the life of our times. And it is that, regardless of the circumstance or conditions in which we find ourselves, we will always try to achieve full happiness.

11. Men always forget that human happiness is a disposition of the mind and not a condition of circumstances

Do you think that happiness should not be conditioned by our situation and circumstances? Then you will agree with this phrase of philosopher Locke, who worked a lot on the concept of happiness and its relationship with the human being.

Leon Tolstoy philosophical quotes

12. The secret of happiness is not always doing what you want, but always wanting what you do 

The Russian novelist Leon Tolstoy sent a message about everyday happiness, that which makes us resist and make day-to-day even more attractive.

13. I’m not proud, but happy, and happiness blinds sometimes more than pride

Alejandro Dumas was aware of how dangerous it could be to look at the world with eyes full of happiness. And is that sometimes, this feeling so euphoric makes us very subjective.

14. Happiness is the certainty of not feeling lost

Have you noticed that when you are happy you do not need more? With being able to eat, breathe and be happy, you have a full life. The problem comes, as the words of Jorge Bucay explain, when you are not able to find the rays of happiness in your life.

15. Happiness, if it is not shared, does not deserve the name of happiness; It is insipid.

When you are happy with the people you love and they share the feeling with you, happiness is much more intense. This quote is from the English writer Charlotte Bronte.

16. The happiness that is lived derives from the love that is given, and later that love will be the happiness of oneself

There are those who, like Isabel Allende, find happiness in the purest love. Feeling reciprocated is the best feeling you can feel.

Famous best philosophical quotes ever

Even if we do not want it, the passage of time is unalterable. We can not change it and we can not stop it. For that reason, it has given for many philosophical reflections like the following ones.

17. The problem is that you think you have time

Do not trust. As this phrase from the Buddha shows, although tomorrow seems very far away, it will arrive before you expect it. Leaving things for another day can be dangerous because what if the next day never comes?

18. The butterfly will remember forever that it was a worm

Bella quotes this from Mario Benedetti that makes us think about our past. The importance of always remembering our roots keeps us connected to what we once were.

19. Time is the best author: always find a perfect ending

Surely your mother once told you that time cures everything. For this phrase attributed to Charles Chaplin could have a similar meaning.

20. The best way to foresee the future is to invent it

As we can not anticipate what is to come, what is the point of trying to find out ahead of time. This phrase by Francis F. Coppola talks about the lack of consistency of predictions about the future.

21. The time you enjoy wasting was not wasted

Sometimes we live so obsessed with taking the time and enjoying until the last second that we get the opposite: to waste it. Hence, the importance of phrases that hide a great philosophy like this one by John Lennon.

22. The unreality of what is seen gives reality to the gaze

Our gaze is completely subjective and makes us see in a different way everything that we have before us. However, paradoxically, this is what makes it truly real. We love this quote by the essayist Octavio Paz.

23. A minute that passes is unrecoverable. Knowing this, how can we waste so many hours?

You will never be able to live again every day that has passed, with all the good and the bad that this supposes. But, if every second we live is unrepeatable, how are we able to let it pass without squeezing it to the maximum? There will come a time when we miss all those possibilities that we have left behind. This is a quote attributed to Gandhi. Read More Best Mahatma Gandhi quotes

24. Remembering is easy for the one who has memory. Forgetting is hard for those who have a heart

This quote by Gabriel Garcia Marquez is worthy of stopping for a moment to reflect on it. What and who makes you think?

25. Do not worry about whether the world will come to an end today. It’s already tomorrow in Australia

This one of Charles M. Schulz, the creator of Snoopy, can turn out to be a simply anecdotal or ingenious quote. However, under these words, there is interesting teaching about the need to live now.

The best philosophical quotes ever that speak of love

For many of the philosophers love guides the steps of man for his life. Being the motor of the movement, it makes sense the need to reflect on its forms and interpretations. These are some of the best tender and harrowing philosophical quotes in history.

26. Immature love says: ‘I love you because I need you.’ Mature love says: ‘I need you because I love you’

This quote of Erich Fromm can be somewhat convoluted, but it is worth stopping to dissect its true meaning. Think of your relationship as a couple, in which of the two stadiums are you?

27. Even in the cup of the best love, you will find bitterness

It is possible that you have already had the misfortune to live in your own skin the meaning of this phrase of Nietzsche. And it is that, neither the good is so good nor the bad so extremely bad.

28. I love how love loves. I do not know another reason to love than to love you. What do you want me to tell you besides that I love you if what I want to tell you is that I love you?

Fernando Pessoa and his convoluted quotes… To get to understand this famous event, you have to stop and think.

29. Love is born from a crush; the friendship of frequent and prolonged exchange. Love is instantaneous; Friendship takes time

Too often we confuse the feelings provoked by friendship and those related to love. However, this quote of the Mexican writer Octavio Paz tries to put a little light on this issue.

30. True love wants the good of the beloved

When the feeling of love is true, you are able to do anything for your lover. Your happiness becomes the highest priority, even if it leads you to give up your own needs. This is one of the most famous love quote of Umberto Eco.

31. The heart has reasons that reason ignores

Blaise Pascal once again faced the heart and the mind. There are issues that pertain to feel that we are never going to get a little logic from.

32. Does the one who waits more always suffer than the one who never waited for anyone?

How complicated are the delays … This quotes of Pablo Neruda opens an interesting internal debate on the need to take a step forward, despite the disastrous consequences that this may end up causing us. 

33. Love is the strongest of passions because it attacks both the head, the body and the heart at the same time

Voltaire is responsible for this beautiful quote that you will only understand if you have ever really been in love.

34. I like people who can understand that the biggest mistake of a human being is to try to get out of the head what does not come out of the heart

Only if you have lived at some time you are able to understand the true meaning of this beautiful phrase of Mario Benedetti. Sometimes, it is not a matter of trying to forget someone, but first, we have to get it out of our hearts. 

Necessary best philosophical quotes about women

In a world in which he seems willing to shut up, more and more thundering voices are emerging that have reflected on the role of women. We have collected some of the most outstanding words.

35. The test to know if you can or can not do a job should not be the organization of your chromosomes

This phrase of Bella Abzug works for the equality of women’s labor rights. Now more than ever, it is time to break all the roofs that are placed in front of us and all the chains that want to impede our steps.

36. No one can make you feel inferior without your permission

No matter how hard I try, and as Eleanor Roosevelt said, if you do not want anyone, it will make you feel less. Let him see who tries to step on you.

37. The problem of women has always been a problem for men

It is worth reading some of the reflections of Simone de Beauvoir, writer and French philosopher, on women. It will help you think and understand why the type of society in which we live.

38. I call myself a ‘feminist man’. Is not how you call someone who fights for the rights of women?

This quote of the Dalai Lama is an example that should be expanded. Feminist is the struggle that seeks equality between men and women.  

39. The bravest act is to think for oneself. Aloud

It seems incredible that we have to be brave to be able to say what we think … This quote is attributed to Coco Chanel.  

40. Those who do not move do not notice their chains

Do you think that this quote by Rosa Luxemburg is right? Defend that we are so accustomed to being depleted, that we are not even capable of realizing it. It is only when we try to lift the foot and feel the bonds when we are aware of what they have been doing with us.

41. I’m smart, I’m ambitious and I know exactly what I want. If that makes me a “bitch”, it’s worth it

Madonna has no hair on the tongue and says things as she thinks them. He does not let his words or, above all, his thoughts limit him.

42. A woman with a voice is by definition a strong woman. But the search to find that voice can be noticeably difficult

Therefore, it is our mission to find the strength to shout from the rooftops all of what we are capable as women and as people. This is a quote from Melinda Gates.

43. There will never be a new world order until women are part of it

Already at the beginning and middle of the 20th century, the activist Alice Paul raised her voice so that women began to have the institutional recognition they deserved.

Famous philosophical quotes about the problems of life

And, how do we solve the obstacles that get in our way? How do we face the tests that destiny gives us? These famous quote talk about it.

44. Whoever does not have wings should not lie on chasms

With this best philosophical quotes ever, Friedrich Nietzsche invites us to think about our possibilities and how we face the problems that lie ahead. His philosophy has been one of the most influential in Europe during the nineteenth century.

45. Stop thinking and end your problems

Let the hand raise who has spent days and days eating his head to always reach the same point. Sometimes we think so much about the things that we forget to act and never come to a solution to our problems. This quote is from the thinker Lao Tse.

46. Be kind to people when you go up; you will find them all when you go down

You never know which paths your life is going to take you and you never know who you are going to run into. Therefore, the philosopher Eduard Punset recommends that you work for alliances to avoid creating enemies.

47. Knowledge is power

This well-known quote is attributed to the philosopher Francis Bacon and opens the door to a reflection on the need for curiosity.

48. No matter how slow you go as long as you do not stop

If you never forget your goal and always work to reach it, even if taking small steps every time, there will come a day when you have it in your hands. These words are from the Chinese thinker Confucius.

49. If knowledge can create problems, it is not with ignorance that we can solve them

Isaac Asimov faces the popular saying that says ‘eyes that do not see, a heart that does not feel’. The best way to challenge problems is with more study and knowledge.

50. In general, men judge more by the eyes than by the intelligence, because everyone can see, but few understand what they see

As this quote from Machiavelli says, value judgments are not always based on a logical reason. Therefore, we have to face them and treat them as such.

51. What repentance is for, if that does not erase anything that has happened. Repentance better, it’s simply changing

Does pride blind you? Jose Saramago asks himself in this sentence what is the use of repentance if he is not going to change what happened. The most sensible thing to do is reflect and find a way to never happen again.

52. Anticipate the difficult managing the easy

If you are one of those who leave the most complicated for the end, listen to the wise advice of Lao Tse. This Chinese philosopher recommends that you face the complicated little by little, collecting sand granites to form a mountain. 

Some philosophical motivating words about success

And for the days when you notice that you have got up with your left foot and need extra motivation, here are some of the best philosophical quotes ever that will give you a lot of encouragement.

53. Success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm

This motivating quote had to be from someone like Winston Churchill. Each defeat is one of the most important lessons that life will give you and that little by little you will be raised again to success.  

54. If you do not like the path you follow, start paving another

Your decisions guide your steps, so it is in your hand to change your path if you do not like the direction you are taking. This sentence by Dolly Parton talks about the need to be active characters in our lives.   

55. Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat

This quote by writer Scott Fitzgerald could be a good motto of life. It invites you to keep fighting for everything you want. There will continue to be defeated again and again, but success will be closer and closer.

56. There is no barrier, lock or bolt that you can impose on the freedom of my mind

It seems that this sentence by Virginia Woolf would have been written today, right? It is so necessary that it could become the mantra of many of us. 

57. Keep your face towards the sun and you will not be able to see a shadow

Life can be very beautiful if you know from what perspective to look at it. Of course it has shadows and many stones in the way, but as this phrase of the intellectual Hellen Keller says, when you learn to look at it in the right way, you manage to avoid all those obstacles.

58. If you do not like something, change it. if you can not change it, then change your attitude

This is one of the most intelligent and necessary phrases that you will read and it is from Maya Angelou. This intellectual pronounced these words in an attempt to open the eyes to all those who prefer to see them come instead of being an active part in the change.

59. If we did all the things we are capable of, we would amaze ourselves

You know how to do much more than what you actually do, as this quote by Thomas Edison says. Many times we settle into the easy and we only carry out the minimum to get ahead. But, what if every day we challenge ourselves to take a step further? We would end up arriving and doing what we never knew we could.

60. The only thing that stands between you and your dream is the willingness to try and the belief that it is actually possible

Never give up your dreams, fight for them! As Joel Brown said, if you are convinced that you can reach it and you get a little bit of desire, you will get closer to your goals.

61. Most of the failures come from wanting to bring forward the hour of success

The Mexican poet Amado Nervo calls for calm. The successes will come, we just have to wait for their moment to come while we work to reach them.

62. Even the darkest night will end with the sunrise

As convoluted as it is now and no matter how big the problem has become, time ends up putting everything in its place. And, as this phrase by Victor Hugo says, light always ends up illuminating your day.

63. The best way to encourage yourself is to try to encourage another

This famous quote from Mark Twain talks about the benefits of empathy. The happiness of the people you love makes you happier, right?  

64. Be the change you want to see in the world

Gandhi had it very clear: we have to be an example of what we want to see in others. If you expect the world to change for the better, you should be the first to lead this change. You are willing?

65. Success is not always in winning but in never discouraging oneself

This phrase, which has been attributed to Napoleon, encourages you to get up every time you fall. The defeats are the best opportunity to start again, and much better.

66. Success is about getting what you want. Happiness, enjoying what you get

And after success, after achieving everything you want, it’s time to enjoy the victory, like this quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson. Sometimes, we are so obsessed with getting to the top that we forget to enjoy what we have achieved. It’s the sweetest moment! 

If you want more best philosophical quotes, of love, about happiness… Tell us in the comment section.

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