The 62 Best Breaking Bad quotes

The 62 Best Breaking Bad quotes

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In this article, we’ll explore Best Breaking Bad quotes. Heisenberg is more than a fictional name, it is a character that has remained for the memory.

The 62 Best Breaking Bad quotes

Breaking Bad is one of the best television series so far in the century, and its success has earned it to harvest fans around the world. This audiovisual fiction has created a universe capable of capturing the audience from its first chapter.

That’s why it’s not strange how many Breaking Bad quotes have gone down in history. In the end, it deals with universal issues beyond drugs and the world of drug trafficking.

The best memorable Breaking Bad quotes

In this selection of best Breaking Bad quotes, you will find interesting reflections on the varied topics covered in this series.

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1. What is the grace of being an outlaw if you have responsibilities?

From a selfish perspective, running away from justice can also be seen as an opportunity to break away from any responsibility.

2. This family is everything to me. Without it, I have nothing to lose.

The family is something that unites us more to the world and its problems.

3. I’m not in danger, Skyler, I’m the danger. If they knock on a man’s door and shoot him, do you think that will be me? Do not! I’m the one calling.

One of the scenes in which the radical change of Walter White is more clearly appreciated .

4. I saw Jane die. I was there. And I saw her die of overdose, she drowned and she died. I could have saved it. But I did not.

In another of the most dramatic scenes, Walter White uses a revelation to show his power and self-confidence.

5. Every few months I come here to do a routine review knowing that in one of that hell! Maybe even today I will hear one of those bad news but until then… Who is in charge? I! This is how I live my life.

About the notion of having control of one’s life.

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6. Never make the same mistake twice.

A recommendation to try that the mistakes serve of something.

7. If you think there is a hell, we will almost certainly go there. But I’m not going to lie down until I get there.

A line of dialogue that shows the philosophy of busy life that is breathed in this fiction.

8. To cook you only need to know the recipe, and I know it at the letter.

About the process of making the drug.

9. You are the smartest man I know and you are too stupid to see that you have made your decision 10 minutes ago.

Hank shows clearly that, at times, the desires modify the way in which Walter thinks about his desperation.

10. Men are to supply their families at any price.

A sample of the way traditional families think.

11. Don Eladio is dead, his bosses are dead, they have no one else to fight for, fill their pockets and leave in peace or come to fight and die!

One of the quotes of Breaking Bad in which the violent nature of the mafias is expressed.

12. I have spent my whole life scared, scared of things that could happen. But everything changed since I was told I had cancer. I get up to kick fear in my teeth.

At times when you think you have hit rock bottom, there may be someone who feels he has nothing to lose.

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13. You know the business and I know chemistry.

One of the quotes of Breaking Bad with which the plot of a good part of the series is captured.

14. If that is true, if you do not know who I am, then perhaps your best option would be to walk carefully.

Heisenberg is known for his lapidary quotes, and this is a good example of that.

15. Shut up and let me die in peace.

One of the most intimidating characters in the series utters these words, with which he shows dignity in his last moments.

16. Get away from my territory.

Another line in this series that has become one of the most memorable Breaking Bad memes.

17. I did it for me. I liked. I was good at that. And I was really … I was alive.

One of the things that shows the plot of this work of fiction is that the world of drug trafficking was, outside the family, the only one in which Walter came to feel recognized.

18. You two are lousy distributing methamphetamine. Point.

An accusation with a touch of humor.

19. There is gold in the streets waiting for someone to come and pick him up.

The city can be seen as a resource to be exploited.

20. I’m in the business of the empire.

The drug forms a network of power that travels around the world.

21. Smoking marijuana, eating cheetos and masturbating are not plans in my book.

A scathing comment on the concept of an untapped life.

22. I imagine that I will not be here for a long time.

About the transience of Walter’s new life.

23. You can not show up here unexpectedly, your face is stuck in 8 states.

Another line that shows the paranoid and suffocating environment in which a fugitive lives.

24. Never lie to a liar.

An aphorism that explains itself.

25. If you try to interfere, this becomes a much simpler matter. I’m going to kill his wife. I will kill your son. I’m going to kill your newborn daughter.

The repercussions of Walter’s business have affected the depths of family peace.

26. It’s over. I won.

Life seen as a shock game of powers.

27. Someone has to protect this family from the man who protects this family.

Those who apparently protect can also oppress.

28. You are a time bomb and I have no intention of being around when you blow up.

Another feature of the series is the way in which it shows the escalation of violence from threats that accumulate .

29. Everyone sounds like Meryl Streep with a gun to her head.

A metaphor based on pop culture.

30. Since when do vegans eat fried chicken?

The fried chicken business is protected by a low profile through which it is tried not to raise suspicions.

31. The fact that you shot Jesse James does not make you Jesse James.

In hierarchies of power, violence is not the key to access everything.

32. You know you have confidence with a friend when he shits it and you do not hide your desire to kill him.

A curious paradox.

33. He is a great father, a great teacher. He knows everything there is to know about chemistry. He is patient with us, he is always at your disposal.

Praise to those who consider themselves a person to whom much is owed.

34. What if you take those chemicals and make some rocket fuel? Then you can send a signal of light.

A joke related to the professions linked to chemistry.

35. You can not trust a junkie.

A quote with which the addict is criminalized and at the same time attempts to erode his credibility.

36. I have realized that fear is the worst of all. That is the real enemy.

Fear can imprison us.

37. I love my children. I want my life back. Please tell me … how much is enough?

“Normal” life can be boring for some unforeseen people, but when problems come, it is common to miss the familiar .

38. If you are committed enough, you can make any story a job. I once told a woman that it was Kevin Costner, and it worked because I believed it.

Believing in oneself is the key for others to believe in one.

39. Do you know how much I do in a year? I mean, even if I told you, you would not believe it. You know what? What would happen if I suddenly decided to stop going to work?

A show of power.

40. A man offers. And it does, even when it is not appreciated or respected or even loved. He just does it, since he is a man.

Again appealing to the traditional role of the father of a family.

41. You are a piece of crazy, degenerate and dirty that deserves to die.

A quote pronounced in one of the moments of maximum tension of the series.

42. I did not say that I actually painted vaginas, I said that some of her paintings looked like vaginas.

A little humor

43. So right now, what I need from you is that you leave me alone. Can you do that for me, honey? Please, just once, can you leave me alone? You know, I’d appreciate it. I really would.

Sometimes, the family is shown from Walter’s perspective as a hindrance when developing their criminal activities.

44. Darth Vader had responsibilities. He was responsible for the death of the star.

One of the most famous series referring to one of the most famous movies.

45. This girl was afraid. She was not going to accuse him in any way, in any way. We could not do anything, just have it reviewed by the emergency medical technicians.

An appreciation that reveals guilt.

46. ​​I know I should not call you, but I’m in trouble here and I need my money.

Desperate situations lead to risks.

47. You are not a discreet person.

Another reference to the need to maintain a discreet profile to carry out one of the jobs that confer more power.

48. If you are watching this tape, I am probably dead. Killed by my brother-in-law, Hank Schrader.

Part of the plan to accuse Hank.

49. Was that your Heisenberg?

Around this avatar used by Walter there is a whole mythology.

50. Last chance to look at me, Hector.

Another of the Breaking Bad quotes most remembered for the scene in which it appears .

51. We make poison for people who do not care. We probably have the most unpleasant customers in the world.

Satirizing about the consumers of substances.

52. When you have children, you always have a family. They are always going to be your priority, your responsibility.

Once again, placing the family at the center of life.

53. That’s not me, man! I … I was the guy who was selling the methamphetamine, supposedly.

One of the lines of dialogue related to the paranoid environment of the world of drug trafficking.

54. I do not understand it. What is the blow? Why do not you do it at home, like the rest of us ?, with a large flat-screen TV, 50 pay-per-view channels.

55. Let’s say I know a guy … who knows another guy … who knows another guy.

The drug has long chains of transmission.

56. We’re done when I say we’re finished.

Another allusion to the hierarchy that governs the world of crime.

57. Is a drug dealer shot? I’m going to get out of here and say that’s what happened.

Who is involved in drug trafficking is not as well protected by law.

58. We had Fring, we had a laboratory that had everything necessary and everything worked like a clock. If you had closed your mouth and cooked, we would have made as much money as you ever needed.

Reproaches for not submitting to a higher hierarchy .

59. The soul? There’s nothing here, just chemistry.

A reflection by which dualism is rejected.

60. Look, Skyler, I just have not been all myself lately, but I love you. None of that has changed, and it will never change.

An attempt at reconciliation.

61. Yes you know. I am the cook. I’m the man who killed Gus Fring.

Once, feeding the Heisenberg legend.

62. People do not change, they only show different facets of themselves depending on the situation.

An essentialist vision of people.

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